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How to Strengthen Your SEO Game

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You know the basics: Choose your keywords, use them wisely, and get some search engine attention. While you do need the basics, you can always take your SEO efforts further. SEO has become a competitive game, so make sure that your website has what it takes to reach the top. Below you’ll find some next-level tips to bring your SEO up a notch.

Test Your Response Times

Search engine algorithms track more than just keywords. They also track site quality and the amount of time that people spend on websites. These measurements help the search engines figure out which websites have the most relevance for the people who perform the searches. That’s why one of the best things you can do for your SEO is to test your website response times on a regular basis. For the best research results, test your site from multiple devices. If your pages take more than a few seconds to load, searchers will click away from your site and move on to the next option. The search engines will notice and determine that your site doesn’t have much relevance. Make sure that your site is up to speed so you can keep your spot at the top.

Use Internal and Outbound Links

Search engines can find your website more easily if a lot of links lead to your site. When other people link to your website, you have backlinks, which absolutely help your SEO. However, since you can’t control how many people link to your site, you can give yourself a boost by using internal links. With internal links, you provide a link from one page to another within your own website. Occasionally, you should also consider using outbound links, or links to other websites. You don’t want to link directly to a competitor, of course, but using outbound links will give you more relevance and more authority on your subject, both of which look good to search engines.

Maximize Your Keywords

You probably already know that keyword placement matters. Keywords in headings and subheadings get more attention than keywords in regular paragraphs, for example. However, you can think bigger with your keywords. Try to use your keywords in your titles, tags, and alt texts in your images. The expansion, much like your links, will boost your relevance. Just be careful about how often you use your keywords within regular text. While you do want to use in-text keywords a few times, avoid spamming your content. If you overuse keywords, the algorithms will notice and penalize your site for it.

Fresh Roasted SEO

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