Better than a VPS

VPSes are a great fit when you need total control over your hosting environment. But when it comes to performance, they’re usually not as fast as shared hosting. And after you add up the costs for server management, cPanel, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Softaculous, and all the other features we include for free, a VPS is almost always more expensive. Semi-dedicated hosting gives you the raw performance of shared hosting in a fully-managed environment, with the added “heavy lifting” capacity of a VPS. It’s the best of both worlds, but without the price tag! For a more in-depth look, read here.

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It’s All About You

Our semi-dedicated servers are strictly limited to 15 customers. That’s approximately 1/10th the customer load of a typical shared server. That means less competition for important resources like CPU power, disk I/O, and network connectivity. In plain English, your site has better access to the tools it needs to do its job. That makes semi-dedicated perfect for sites that have outgrown traditional shared hosting.

250 serversPerformance is Everything

You can’t have fast hosting without fast servers. That’s why we use Supermicro servers powered by Haswell Xeon processors at 3 GHz or above. With more CPU power at the ready, your applications will run faster and handle more traffic than ever before. Don’t be fooled by “discount” hosts that use slower or outdated processors: with today’s content-rich database-heavy sites, CPU power matters.

LiteSpeed logoNot Just Fast — LiteSpeed!

LiteSpeed is one of the fastest web servers on the planet. And unlike nginx, it’s 100% Apache compatible. That means your applications work out of the box without any custom coding or complicated workarounds.


Database operations are the most disk-intensive operations modern websites have to deal with. By offloading MySQL to our high-performance Samsung SSD drives and using conventional drives for main storage, our semi-dedicated customers get lightning-fast performance without having to give up generous helpings of storage space. Talk about the best of both worlds!

 250 network 2Top Tier Network

You can’t have solid performance without a solid network. That’s why we use blended connectivity from top-tier carriers including Zayo, CenturyLink, TeliaSonera, Cogent, and Internap. Redundant Cisco routers with redundant links to each switch ensure near-100% uptime and fast, reliable connectivity to just everywhere in the world.