Three Easy Website Upgrades to Make Yours More Professional

posted by Melanie S on July 10, 2017

As a business owner, you know that a professional website is key to boosting online sales and growing your customer base. However, you often feel that your website is lacking in certain areas. You might need a few website upgrades to make it look more professional. The question is, where to begin…. Read More

How Geolocation Gets the Most Out of Your SEO

posted by Melanie S on June 29, 2017

SEO is a constant battle for most businesses, and it often seems like you’re fighting just to keep your business from being completely buried in the results. Geolocation offers you a way to not only get better rankings, but also more conversions. From SEO’s preference for local results to consumer shopping habits,… Read More

Modern Web Design Features that Make a Splash

posted by Melanie S on June 15, 2017

Modern web design, like fashion, is bringing some old things back into style. From background texture to scrolling, what’s old is new again, just with a twist. These modern web design tips will help your site stand out from the pack. Subtle background textures The keyword here is “subtle.” Bright, garish backgrounds… Read More

Why You Definitely Need 24/7 Technical Support for Your Website

posted by Melanie S on May 18, 2017

Technical support is a must-have for any hosting plan. Even more important is 24/7 technical support. You don’t want to be stuck with a downed website, and no way to get help. The Internet doesn’t close up at 9 pm. People can and will try to browse and purchase at all hours…. Read More

How to Avoid Five Common Web Design Mistakes

posted by Melanie S on May 4, 2017

Today, more people than ever are taking web design into their own hands. Today, this means that web design mistakes are more common than ever. If you want to design your site, in whole or in part, take care that you don’t make these common web design mistakes. 1. Neglecting SEO SEO,… Read More

The SEO Benefits of Finding the Right Keywords for Central PA

posted by Melanie S on April 20, 2017

  Search Engine Optimization is a tricky beast. You have to align your content and your site so that you show up in searches for keywords, but if you try too hard, search engines will lower your score for being too close to spam. The trick to getting ahead doesn’t lie just… Read More

Protect Sensitive Information with an SSL Certificate

posted by Melanie S on April 13, 2017

Setting up a proper website for your business comes with a lot of unexpected headaches. First, you have to pick out the server setup you want. Then there’s designing the site–fun, but stressful. SSL certificates can slip through the cracks. They’re not as exciting as the web design, and less fundamental to… Read More

Save Money and Space Using Colocation Services

posted by Melanie S on March 23, 2017

Owning your own servers is the best way to exercise control over your website. You’re free to customize your servers to whatever your needs are. It’s cheaper in the long term to own your own servers rather than to rent someone else’s. If you have the IT knowledge to manage your servers,… Read More

Which Hosting Service Do You Need: Dedicated Hosting

posted by Melanie S on March 16, 2017

Dedicated hosting is one of three setups for hosting your website online. We already covered shared hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. Now, there’s the big choice: dedicated hosting. While dedicated servers are higher in price than the other two options, they pack a lot of power. You don’t have to share resources, and… Read More

Which Hosting Service Do You Need: Semi-Dedicated Hosting

posted by Melanie S on February 23, 2017

This is part two of our series on hosting options. You can find part one, shared hosting, here. Part three (dedicated servers) is still to come. This post discusses the midpoint between dedicated servers and shared hosting: semi-dedicated hosting. This is a great, versatile option for sites that don’t require the resources of… Read More