Three Things You Need to Know about Keywords

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posted by Melanie S on November 2, 2017

Keywords are the heart of blogging SEO. Managing them, however, is trickier than many new bloggers anticipate. Many common sense rules don’t apply to keyword use. For example, focusing on a single phrase isn’t always the best strategy. In reality, it often hurts your rankings. Here are three keyword techniques bloggers should… Read More

Five Ways to Boost Local SEO Ranking

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posted by Melanie S on October 23, 2017

Local SEO draws the most motivated buyers, while also establishing customer loyalty. There are a few essential things you can do right now to improve your ranking. Even better, they aren’t costly. Actually,  and you can finish a few of them this afternoon if you want. Each tip will improve your SEO,… Read More

Five Tips for Improving Blog SEO

posted by Melanie S on October 2, 2017

SEO rankings make the difference between getting your blog on the first page of search results and the thirtieth page of search results. While the algorithm that determines which blogs get prime positions changes from time to time, some considerations remain the same. We’ve listed the five most important of these below…. Read More

cPanel Features Every User Should Know

posted by Melanie S on September 18, 2017

cPanel continues to lead the industry in standalone hosting. The platform provides you as the user with flexibility, ease-of-use, easy management, and amazing support. You’ll also receive a wide variety of features that many hosting platforms do not provide. cPanel is mostly focused on user flexibility. Therefore, it is important for you… Read More

Advantages of Hiring Web Design Services Locally

posted by Melanie S on September 4, 2017

Professional web design is an essential marketing tool for businesses today. Within your unique industry, there may be several different companies who sell the exact same products and services that you do. So, what sets you apart in this highly competitive market? Many businesses head to the internet to sell themselves through… Read More

Web Design Tips for Seasonal Industries

posted by Melanie S on August 21, 2017

Attractive web design is a great way to market your business to customers who might have missed you if you had no online presence. But, what happens when you have a business that is seasonal? Is it worth investing in professional web design if your company is only open for a short time… Read More

What Is Intuitive Web Design?

posted by Melanie S on August 7, 2017

Intuitive web design has become a major sales point for designers and computer programs in the last few years. Unfortunately, they don’t always stop to explain exactly what that phrase means. Intuitive web design can transform your website for the better, but you’ll reap the most benefits if you understand the terminology…. Read More

Winning Tourist Website Traffic in Central Pennsylvania

posted by Melanie S on July 24, 2017

Winning tourist traffic in Central Pennsylvania requires a specialized plan of attack. In order to get these motivated customers to visit your website, you have to reach them where they’re looking. Once you have their attention, you have to keep it. In the end, emphasize how well your business fits in with… Read More

Three Easy Website Upgrades to Make Yours More Professional

posted by Melanie S on July 10, 2017

As a business owner, you know that a professional website is key to boosting online sales and growing your customer base. However, you often feel that your website is lacking in certain areas. You might need a few website upgrades to make it look more professional. The question is, where to begin…. Read More

How Geolocation Gets the Most Out of Your SEO

posted by Melanie S on June 29, 2017

SEO is a constant battle for most businesses, and it often seems like you’re fighting just to keep your business from being completely buried in the results. Geolocation offers you a way to not only get better rankings, but also more conversions. From SEO’s preference for local results to consumer shopping habits,… Read More