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Every organization has that moment of realization when they discover that their IT infrastructure just can’t keep up with their growing needs.  They start shopping around, getting quotes on network providers and backup generators, and they quickly come to one unpleasant conclusion: building your own datacenter is very expensive.  For all but the largest organizations, it’s not just unprofitable — it’s usually unattainable.

Enter Fresh Roasted Hosting with our premium colocation services.  For a low monthly rate, you can make use of our premium colocation services and colocate your hardware in our state-of-the-art carrier-neutral tier 3 datacenter in Harrisburg PA!  You’ll have easy access to your equipment, plus a host of other benefits:

Carrier-Neutral Networks

We use a blend of connectivity from multiple top-tier providers including Level(3), Verizon, Comcast, & Frontier Communications.  That means you get fast, reliable connectivity to just about everywhere on the planet.  And using four carriers instead of just one makes you less susceptible to carrier outages and congestion.

Redundant Power & Cooling

Enterprise-grade UPSes and on-site diesel generators keep your gear percolating even if there’s a utility power failure.  And the N+1 glycol-based cooling system provides a cool, clean atmosphere for your gear.

Safe and Secure

Advanced multi-factor access control. Digital video surveillance. Diverse fiber paths off the premises. 24-hour monitored security systems. Lockable rack cages. Just a few of the tools we use to help protect your gear against tampering.


And to top it all off, we’re close — but not too close. The Harrisburg datacenter is easily accessible by I-81, I-83, I-76, US-11, and US-22.  It’s within 15 miles of two airports (Harrisburg International Airport & Capital City Airport) and only a few miles from the Harrisburg Amtrak station. We’re located about 90 minutes from Baltimore and Philadelphia, about two hours from the Washington DC metro area, and just over three hours from New York City and Pittsburgh.  That means we’re close enough for easy access, but far enough away from major metros to be isolated from regional weather events, utility failures, and civil unrest.

Despite this easy access, the facility is not adjacent to any rail lines or highways, nor is it in the normal flight path of either airport.  And it’s located well outside the 100-year floodplain.  That’s yet another layer of protection between your equipment and the outside world.

When you’re ready to talk shop, drop us a line and let us put together a custom quote to meet your exact needs!

Why FRH?

  • Professional Cloud Quality At Non-Cloud Affordable Pricing
  • Year Old American Web Hosting Company
  • ASP.Net Core Windows Web Hosting Specialist Since 2012
  • Full Customisation right from latest ASP.Net 8 to Legacy ASP Web Applications
  • Human Native American 24/7 Support with 95% Ticket Resolution within 2 hours
  • Daily Backups Including Emails & Databases for Peace of Mind
  • SmartMail, SiteJet Builder, Automated Backups, Remote Backup Support & More
  • Fast SSD, Quality Hardware, Business Grade Infrastructure & No Overselling
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