Non-Profit Web Hosting

Being involved with a non-profit or community organization can be rewarding beyond measure.  Every single employee of Fresh Roasted Hosting has volunteered with numerous non-profit / community organizations over the years.

volunteeringFrom sporting leagues to food banks, from marching bands to civic pride initiatives, we’ve seen first-hand the difference that individual actions can make in a community.

Yet at the same time, each such organization faces its own unique set of challenges.  We know that despite your best efforts, running an organization still takes time and money.  That’s why Fresh Roasted Hosting is proud to offer sponsorships, volunteer time, and/or deep discounts to select non-profit and community organizations.

To find out more about our NPO program and what we can do for your organization, please contact our sales department at [email protected].

Please note that NPOs which, in our sole opinion, promote or practice hatred, bigotry, violence, discrimination, fraud, or anti-social or illegal behavior are not welcome in Fresh Roasted Hosting’s NPO program. See our Terms of Service for complete details on the Fresh Roasted Hosting NPO Program.