About Us

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Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC is an independent web hosting company with technical staff headquartered in vibrant New Castle, Delaware. Tucked in among coffee houses, independent retailers, and the oldest continually-operating market house in Harrisburg, we deliver all the same high-end web hosting solutions you’d expect from our larger competitors, but with much better service — and often at a better price!

We believe that web hosting is a lot of serving coffee. Anyone can buy some supermarket-brand coffee grounds, plug in an automatic coffee maker, and start selling cheap coffee in styrofoam cups. It may not taste very good, but technically speaking, it’s “coffee”. But chances are, you’d much rather spend a few cents more and go to your favorite neighborhood coffee house. Thanks to their superior ingredients and better equipment, you get a fresh, hot, perfectly-made cup of coffee that tastes as good as it smells.

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It’s the same with web hosting. Anybody can set up some used servers in their basement and host websites on the cheap. And just like that cheap cup of coffee, you’ll get what you pay for. So if you think of cheap web hosts as gas station coffee, then we’re a mug of joe from your favorite neighborhood coffee roaster. We start with high-end enterprise-class hardware, custom-built for web hosting. We add a blend of tier 1 carriers and redundant power and cooling systems. And we back it all up with friendly, professional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The result? We might cost a few cents more, but your website is faster and more reliable. And thanks to our flexible range of hosting solutions, as your website grows, we can grow with you. Imagine never having to shop for a web host again!

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When you’re ready for a better web host, talk to us and let us put together a custom package tailored to your exact needs.