woman with tabletWho Loves a VPS?

Who DOESN’T love a VPS?  Developers love VPSes because they offer a fully customizable high-performance platform to showcase their works.  Small businesses love VPSes because they’re incredibly flexible and incredibly affordable.  Power users love VPSes because they offer the functional power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.  And website owners love VPSes because they can install more apps and handle more traffic than most shared hosting packages.  With all this flexibility and power, what’s not to love?


drop of black coffee splashing into a glass cupNo Overselling

Have you ever grabbed some joe to go and found yourself with a leaky cup?  Some “discount” hosts oversell their VPS nodes, which means some of your precious resources — like disk space and memory — can leak away to other users.  But at Fresh Roasted Hosting, we never oversell our disk space or memory.  Those are guaranteed resources that you can use whenever you like.


coffee roasterCustom Roasted

Every customer has different needs.  And today’s needs have a way of becoming yesterday’s needs tomorrow.  That’s why every Fresh Roasted Hosting VPS can be fully customized — now or later — to your exact specifications.  More disk space?  More memory?  A faster network connection?  Check, check, and check.


Xen:  Well-Insulated

Xen is the premium virtualization platform that powers all of our virtual private servers.  Put simply, it’s what keeps the resources for your VPS separate from every other VPS.  No matter how much CPU power or disk I/O your neighbor’s VPS needs, it won’t impact yours.  The result?  Consistent, stable performance, no matter what the rest of the server is doing.  Believe it or not, not all VPS hosts use Xen — but we do.



raid arrayRAID 10:  Performance + Redundancy

All of our VPS nodes use local RAID 10 storage for maximum performance and data redundancy.  Your data is striped across multiple disks simultaneously to dramatically boost performance.  At the same time, every disk has a live spare on hot standby in case a drive fails.  And unlike hosts who use SAN storage, there’s no network latency for disk I/O.  The result?  Fast, consistent disk throughput.