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only $14
only $14

Small business hosting needs are as unique as they come.  You might even say they’re as unique and diverse as the companies they represent.  In fact, the only constant is that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fly.

That’s where we come in. We’re a full-service business hosting provider with datacenters in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Dallas Texas. Whether you need basic web hosting, co-location space, or anything in-between, our vast IT infrastructure gives us the power to build a solution that’s custom-tailored to your exact needs.

If you aren’t hosting with us (or worse, if you don’t know WHERE  your website is hosted), let’s talk. Your website says everything about your company; it’s your one chance to make a first impression. Isn’t it too important to trust to just anyone?

Virtual Servers

Flexible, affordable, on-demand Virtual Private Servers (VPSes) are where it’s at.  Spin up a server whenever you need, and get rid of it when you don’t.  Virtual servers offer the functional power of a dedicated server, but cost a lot less and can be provisioned instantly.  That makes them perfect for mail servers, application hosting, development environments, web hosting — the list is endless!

Accelerated Web Hosting

Host your website on our fast, rock-solid shared hosting platform.  Our SSD-powered MySQL server makes your database-driven applications (like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento) fly.  And because we use LiteSpeed — a high-performance event-driven web server that’s faster than Apache and nginx — static and dynamic websites alike get an extra shot of caffeine.  Best of all, our shared hosting servers use CloudLinux, which helps protect your site against surges in traffic from other users!

Dedicated Servers

dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control and performance.  Our dedicated servers are all based on modern (Haswell Xeon) architecture.  From memory and hard drives to RAID controllers and network configuration, every one of our dedicated servers can be custom built to meet your exact needs.  Why settle for someone else’s cookie-cutter solution?

Co-location Services

It’s time to move your IT infrastructure out of that broom closet and into our tier 3 datacenter in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Chances are, we can co-locate your equipment for less than you’re paying for business class Internet.  Our blend of top-tier carriers (including Level(3), Verizon, CenturyLink, and Comcast) ensures fast, reliable connectivity to the entire planet, while multiple on-site diesel generators and battery backups power through utility outages.  Can your broom closet say that?

No matter what your small business needs to get in the cloud, we can help!  Talk to us about your business and let us show you what we can do together.

Why FRH?

  • Professional Cloud Quality at Non-Cloud Affordable Pricing
  • Year Old American Web Hosting Company
  • ASP.Net Core Windows Web Hosting Specialist Since 2012
  • Full Customisation right from latest ASP.Net 8 to Legacy ASP Web Applications
  • Human Native American 24/7 Support with 95% Ticket Resolution within 2 hours
  • Daily Backups Including Emails & Databases for Peace of Mind
  • SmartMail, SiteJet Builder, Automated Backups, Remote Backup Support & More
  • Fast SSD, Quality Hardware, Business Grade Infrastructure & No Overselling
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