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Common Misconceptions about SEO

In an internet world where SEO rules supreme, there are many misconceptions. Search engine optimization seems to be a topic that is continually coming up in marketing and advertising, and for good reason. If you want your website and content to be well-ranked, you have to work with SEO. However, there are many misconceptions about how it works. Here is a list of four misconceptions surrounding all things SEO.

Guest Blogs Don’t Work

If you consistently create quality content, guest blogging can be helpful. Back in 2014, Google decided to penalize websites that were creating low-quality, linky content. This is when people started believing that guest blogging was a thing of the past. But as long as you are creating high-quality content that is organically coming up in searches, guest blogs can be of service to you.

SEO Is A One Time Thing

What people tend not to understand is that SEO is a process and not a check mark. You can’t work on it for one day, week, or month and then say you’re done. It is an ongoing process that continually needs to be considered and taken care of. It’s a battle of consistency. If you want your website to be ranked number one, you’re going to have to put in consistent work. Rankings change, so you’ll have to regularly work on your SEO if you want to remain top-ranked.

Keywords Automatically Make Better Rankings

There was once a time when keywords reigned supreme. As long as you stuffed your content full of keywords, the quality of the content didn’t matter. This was called keywords stuffing, and it is a thing of the past. Keywords are still very important, but now you have to have good content to back it up. And you need to post that quality content regularly to improve your ranking. This change is great for people that are actually putting in the work to create quality content.

Links Are All You Need

Another common misconception is that all you need to rank well through SEO is links. That is no longer the case. Yes, links are important to have but they aren’t the end game. You need to have a lot more in play now if you want to stay on top. However, when you do use links, it is important that you use high-quality links. Statistics are now showing that quality is beating quantity in the optimization game. So yes, by all means, use links, but don’t think they will solve all of you ranking woes.

Maneuvering the ever-changing maze that is SEO is challenging. Google makes it difficult to figure out how to get to and stay on top of the rankings. But getting rid of these misconceptions is a good place to start. If you need help with the ins and outs of SEO, Fresh Roasted Hosting is here to help. Contact us today.



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