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Why Choose a Virtual Server?

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When looking through your server possibilities, you’ve probably stumbled across the idea of virtual servers. But what is a virtual server? A virtual server, or virtual private server (VPS) is an alternative to in-house hosting. Instead of storing your hosting equipment yourself, you’ll get access from an offsite server. A lot of people prefer this type of hosting to the onsite alternative for several different reasons. In fact, businesses of all sizes can reap a lot of benefits from the virtual server option. With Fresh Roasted hosting, you’ll get all of the benefits below and so much more.


Flexibility might just be one of the most appreciated aspects of virtual servers. All businesses need some level of scalability. Onsite servers are sometimes too rigid to provide that scalability. With a VPS, on the other hand, you can use as much or as little space as you need. You can even create multiple servers if that would serve your business. You’ll get exactly what you need and nothing more, only paying for what you can use. Fresh Roasted hosting kicks it up a notch by making the process as simple as possible. When you’re ready to set up a VPS, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

Customize Your Options

At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we like to compare our services to a gourmet cups of coffee. Some people prefer a simple cup of black coffee. Others add milk, or sugar, or both. Just like you can customize your coffee the way you like it, you can customize your virtual server. If you want to add a splash of extra disk space or a spoonful of memory, then go for it. We offer five different VPS plans so that you get exactly what you need. Within your plan, you can customize by installing the apps and other things you need without losing any speed.

Dedicated Resources

Using a virtual server with Fresh Roasted Hosting gives you comparable resources to having an onsite server. We never allow resources to leak over into your neighbor’s cup. We keep our servers well insulated from one another so that you get what you need without losing power or taking up storage space in your own business site.

Fresh Roasted Virtual Server

Are you ready for your very own fresh roasted virtual server? Then get in touch with Fresh Roasted Hosting today! We’re here to help at any time, and we’re ready to answer your VPS questions.

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