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Why Datacenter Location Matters

Photo by Chris Lawton
Photo by Chris Lawton

Have you ever tried to access a website that took what seemed like forever to load? Like most people, you probably thought the wait was the fault of your computer or your internet connection. However, the fault possibly lies with the website, and the location of its datacenter. Similar to the real estate industry, location matters.


Speed and Performance

Unsurprisingly, in today’s fast-paced environment most consumers expect a web page to load in a matter of seconds. Most of those same people abandon a website that takes more time than that to load. This slow-loading time is a result of hops. We define hops as the number of bridges, routers, and gateways that data packets must pass through, as they travel between the source and the destination. Each time the data passes to the next network device, on its way to its destination, a “hop” takes place. Therefore, if you have a website in the United States but your datacenter is in France, then anyone visiting your website waits while the data hops from America to France. As a result, an overseas hosted site takes more time to render website content. Unfortunately, this potentially leads to lost customers or clients.

Hosting your website locally helps ensure that it runs faster and performs better. While an overseas provider offers a lower rate, you end up paying for it in terms of lost profit and customers.

Fast and Comprehensible Technical Support

It is extremely aggravating and time-consuming to call for technical support, only to be put in contact with someone who doesn’t speak your native language well. Unfortunately, if your website is not hosted locally though, you may have no choice. This often leads to mistakes with instructions given, or a lack of understanding  between you and the technical support technician. Your normal business hours must be considered as well. Someone on the other side of the world is likely sleeping while you are working. How long will you have to wait to get the technical support you need?

Local web hosting gives you the advantage of obtaining technical support when you need it and the capability of comprehending it.

Secure Datacenter

Mother nature is not always kind. Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other natural disasters occur. Make sure you full prepare your datacenter with generators, backups, a secure facility, and any other security measures needed. Fortunately, with a local web host, you know whether or not the host has such measures in place. However, if your web host is located in another country, you simply have to go by what they tell you.


You certainly want your website to rank high in SEO. However, did you know Google prefers local servers? With a local web host, this means you or your company ranks higher on Google searches. This result is imperative in today’s highly competitive world.

At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we give you all of this and more. With Tier III datacenters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas, we offer a redundant infrastructure and LiteSpeed technology to connect you to anywhere in the world – fast and reliable! Whether you are just starting your own business, or heading a corporation, we offer everything from accelerated web hosting to powerful, dedicated servers. Contact us at [email protected] for all of your web hosting needs.

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