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Which Hosting Service Do You Need: Dedicated Hosting

Photo by Joshua Ness
Photo by Joshua Ness

Dedicated hosting is one of three setups for hosting your website online. We already covered shared hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. Now, there’s the big choice: dedicated hosting. While dedicated servers are higher in price than the other two options, they pack a lot of power. You don’t have to share resources, and you get a unique IP. If you have a high traffic website or multiple medium traffic websites, dedicated hosting just makes sense.

Complete control over server setup

A dedicated server is an entire server for only your website. Being in control of the server setup allows you to have the greatest flexibility and freedom for your site. Essentially, this means you get to set the server up however you choose. You can run the software that suits your needs, etc., without having to accommodate everyone else’s desires.

Don’t have to share server capacity

If you have a high traffic website, dedicated hosting is for you. You want to be sure your site has the bandwidth and RAM to keep up with your traffic surges. Any downtime, lag, or slowness in your website is something that could turn off potential customers. Having the full power of a server at your disposal is the only way to be sure that your site gets maximum uptime.

Unique IP address

A unique IP address is important so you don’t suffer for anyone else’s mistakes. Many search engines are alert for spam (or “adult”) websites. When they identify one, they use the IP address to lower the rank of those sites. If you’re sharing a server with a spammer, your site is going to go down in rank even though you haven’t done anything. It’s not fair, but it’s how it’s likely to happen. Having your own IP gives you more protection for your rank. You’re not being held down by the ranks of others. Having a unique IP can also help you keep your sites secure. You don’t have to worry that someone else’s lapse in security will leave your site vulnerable.

Lower cost than in-house hosting

Dedicated hosting brings out the perks of having your own server without having to keep everything in house. While you may pay for the hosting, you don’t have to pay the overhead, which means you also don’t have to buy the hardware or put together the physical space to house it all in. You also don’t have to pay someone in-house to run your website. Lastly, you get all of the power with less of the price tag.

Dedicated hosting is a great option for high traffic or swiftly growing sites. You can be sure that your site is getting all of the power the server can provide. You can set up whatever software you want. Best of all, you don’t have to worry that someone else’s poor judgement is going to affect the performance of your site. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind—especially since you won’t have to pay for in-house hosting.

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