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What Is Bandwidth In Web Hosting?

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Bandwidth is the level of traffic or the amount of data that transfers and downloads between your site and other users of the internet. Businesses must have a speedy bandwidth because if a website takes too long to load, they might lose customers or website visitors. Most importantly, if people go to your web page and it takes more than 2 minutes to load, chances are they are going to find something else to occupy their time. Most people will wait up to 30 seconds before giving up on a site to load. Hence, bandwidth is not just something technical, it is something that can make or break your website views. The speed of a network is important for sites. Put some thought into this to be sure you’re consumer-friendly.

Why Is It Important?

First, this all depends on the amount of traffic a site gets, the size of your site, and the types of files (videos, blogs, etc.). It all runs on bits and bytes. A bit is the smallest unit of information on a computer system. All data is represented by 1’s and 0’s. Bandwidth is measured in gigabits. Bytes per second come from how much content your site sends and gets per month and the speed of your internet. Now, let’s move on from the technical side of this.

Shared Bandwidth

If your website only averages a couple of visitors (2-4), you might only need 10GB per month. Bandwidth is usually measured by megabits per second that can be downloaded. As a result, some larger websites may need up to 100 GB a month in bandwidth. This amount depends on your needs. For that reason, in web hosting, we offer shared bandwidth because most websites will never use the full offered amount. Therefore, unless you have valid reason to believe your site needs a lot of gigabytes, it could be in your best interest to use a shared option.

Above all, if you want to have a user-friendly website, your website must be running on the right bandwidth. Fresh Roasted Hosting will even tell you how much bandwidth you use per month. We customize our packages to your site. If you need a better idea of how much you might need for your website, please contact Fresh Roasted Hosting and we can help you determine the needs of your site.

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