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How Website Downtime Can Harm Your Company

website downtime
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For most industries, a website is like the front door to your organization. If the doors are locked, there is no way to provide your customers with service. The same is true of website downtime. If your website is offline and not working, then you are losing out on people potentially finding you. If potential customers can’t access your website, they’ll likely go to a competitor. Plus, you are also risking losing contact with customers who already work with you. That is why finding a hosting site that is credible is so important.

You Miss Out on New Customers

If you have a potential client who is using an organic search to find your company and your website, and it is down, that is going to make them go to another source. Although that might not sound too terrible, it is. Not only are you going to lose out on that one sale, but that person is also going to form a relationship with whoever they find over you. Once that person forms a relationship, they are likely to refer other people to your competitor and so on. So even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, just a day, or even an hour, can mean a ton of lost revenue for your company.

It Creates a Negative View

If either a potential or an existing client goes to your website for the information that they need, and you are experiencing website downtime, that will leave a negative impression of your organization. When they go to the website, they want to find the information they need right away. If they can’t, that can be frustrating and lead them to look for the information elsewhere. If you inconvenience your customers, they are likely to view you in a negative light. You run the risk of losing them altogether.

Are You Checking Your Website?

Most business owners have no reason to go to their website on a daily basis. That means if your website is down, it can be down for a significant amount of time, and you might not even know. When just an hour or two can be detrimental to your business, imagine what could happen if you experience website downtime for hours or days. That is why it is so important to use a website hosting company who is reliable and is monitoring their service to provide the best in the industry.

Keep Your Website Up and Running

When you experience downtime as a business, it can pose a lot of hurdles to your day to day operations. Not only can potential clients not find you when they do an organic search, but even established customers can be put off by your website not being found. To ensure that your customers can find you and that your website doesn’t ever go MIA, use Fresh Roasted Hosting. We provide consistent web hosting services to keep your website up and running.

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