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We don’t just love coffee, we love beer too!

We Love Beer!

Traditionally, you hear people talk about the importance of friends and family. We are no different. We do believe in the importance of one additional thing though – community.

harrisburg beer weekAs a local business, we’ve always been committed to our roots and giving back to our community has always been a major one of our core values. This month, we’re very proud to be sponsoring the first annual Harrisburg Beer Week, a weeklong multi-venue series showcasing breweries, restaurants, pubs, and more through craft beer-centric events, demonstrations, and education. Though primarily a celebration of the growing craft beer industry throughout the greater Harrisburg area, the event does have a philanthropic kick to it too – all proceeds generated through sponsorships and merchandise sales benefit the Harrisburg River Rescue & Emergency Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that provides community-based, high quality, cost effective water rescue and emergency services for the residents of the south-central Pennsylvania region that started over 50 years ago.

Harrisburg River RescueHarrisburg Beer Week selected Harrisburg River Rescue as the beneficiary because of the great service that they provide to the people living in the greater Harrisburg area. The tough economy has led to difficult times for the non-profit and they are in need of financial assistance. As a proud sponsor of Harrisburg Beer Week  and an even prouder resident of Harrisburg, we are committing 50% of all new sales to Harrisburg River Rescue & Emergency Services! Feel free to view more information on their amazing organization here.

Come join us for a beer (or two) at Harrisburg Beer Week April 24 – May 2 and help support this great cause in the process!

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