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Tourism of Small Businesses in Harrisburg

Harrisburg Photo by DEZALB on Pixabay

What can you find to do in the Capitol city of Pennsylvania? There are numerous things that you can find to do in Harrisburg. Whether you want to catch a minor league baseball game, head to the batting cage, or check out one of their small businesses, there is something available for you to do.

Pennsylvania Capitol Building

As the Capitol city, you can find plenty of historical locations to visit and explore. Of all the historical locations, the Pennsylvania Capitol Building is one of the sites you shouldn’t miss. A fire gutted the original Capitol Building on February 2, 1897. As a result, officials approved construction of a new building. Originally, they expected the construction to cost about $5 million; however, in the end, it cost approximately $12 million to finish the project. Moreover, the expense was well worth it. The Pennsylvania Capitol is one of the most beautiful in the country. Designers filled it with awe-inspiring architecture to symbolize the concepts of freedom and democracy. Additionally, they even added a new welcome center to enhance your Capitol experience with interactive exhibits and features.

City Island

Another attraction that is worth visiting when traveling to Harrisburg is City Island. City Island is a mile-long island filled with entertainment activities for all to enjoy. If you like minor league baseball, you can catch a Harrisburg Senator’s baseball game. The team plays at the FNB field. Or, if you prefer soccer, you can attend a Central Penn Piranha soccer match at the Skyline Sports Complex. On the other hand, if sports are not your thing, you can choose other activities. There are many family entertainment activities to explore while visiting City Island. Other choices for you and your family include the City Island Railroad, a batting cage, horse-drawn carriage rides, a carousel, and a concrete beach.

Susquehanna River

Moreover, if you are still looking for something outdoorsy to do when touring Harrisburg, you should take a few moments to appreciate the Susquehanna River. The Susquehanna River is 464-mile-long. Harrisburg lies on the east bank of the river which makes it accessible to outdoor activities. If you like camping, boating, fishing, kayaking, or just being close to wildlife, then checking out the Susquehanna River is a must for your Harrisburg tour.

Small Businesses in Harrisburg

Lastly, you must explore the small businesses in Harrisburg before ending your visit. There are bars, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing shops, and other types of small businesses that are available to serve your needs. Not to mention, if you are interested in breweries, you should tour the Appalachian or Troegs Brewing Companies. These small businesses would love to have your patronage.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in exploring a historical landmark, then head to Harrisburg to explore the State Capitol. You will not only enjoy the beauty of the buildings but also learn the importance of Harrisburg in the development of the United States. After your history lesson, you should enjoy some outdoor activities. Lastly, you need to explore the local small businesses.

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