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Three Easy Website Upgrades to Make Yours More Professional

Photo by William Iven
Photo by William Iven

Three Easy Website Upgrades to Make Yours More Professional

As a business owner, you know that a professional website is key to boosting online sales and growing your customer base. However, you often feel that your website is lacking in certain areas. You might need a few website upgrades to make it look more professional. The question is, where to begin. Luckily for you, there are a number of ways to easily upgrade your website and make it professional, useful, and innovative. Of course, it takes some effort, hard work, and ingenuity. Thankfully, the results of your upgrades should leave you satisfied with your new look. Let’s look at three easy website upgrades to help make your website look more professional.

Improve your Web Hosting

When you first started your website, you probably used a shared web hosting plan, which is good when you’re starting out. Improving your web hosting is the first website upgrade you should consider. If you want your website to be more professional and responsive, you need to ditch a shared hosting plan for a faster, autonomous plan. When it comes to loading your website, you don’t want a slow website, especially for potential visitors or customers. You also wouldn’t want your website to go down or to become unavailable either. This would cause your Google rankings to be negatively affected. A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is one recommended upgrade. A VPS helps to improve the speed of your website and at a reasonable cost. A decent VPS plan should only cost around $30 per month, so you can be sure that it won’t break the bank.

Get a Professional Web Design

Your website design leaves a lasting first impression on visitors. At once, they form an opinion about how professional it is based solely on your web design. When it comes to web design, the most important thing is to make sure you choose a font, layout, and a background that isn’t boring. Always choose a design that is visually appealing instead. Additionally, the design and layout that you use should reflect and highlight the professional brand that you want to portray on your website. The logo design, color scheme, and typography should all reflect the message that you’re trying to send with your professional website.

Make Your Contact Information Available

Even though we live in a world where chatbots and virtual assistants abound, people still want to know that they are doing business with a real person. Your contact information gives them comfort in that. It also helps to make your website even more professional. Another easy website upgrade to consider is making your contact information available to visitors and potential customers. A lot of amateur websites make the mistake of not including simple contact information such as a phone number, e-mail address, or even an official social media account. In order for your website to be taken seriously as a professional one, leaving out your business’s contact information is not a good idea.

If you feel that your online presence could be more professional, these three simple website upgrades are the perfect place to start. By improving your web hosting, improving your web design, and adding your contact information, your website is more professional and appealing to visitors. It’s even possible that you might see an uptick in both customers and revenue for your business. In this case, having a more professional website also means that the investment in money and time for your website truly pays off.


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