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How to Take Advantage of Your cPanel Features to Streamline Your Business


As a business owner, you have countless responsibilities. First and foremost, you must supervise the design, production, and distribution of your products and services. Likewise, you must oversee, monitor, and lead your staff. What about your customers and your contractors? It’s obvious that you have many responsibilities. How can you take advantage of your website’s cPanel features to streamline your business?

There are several ways in which your cPanel features can make your job easier. With a streamlined business, you can focus on what is essential: products, employees, and customers. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit the most from your cPanel features.


Wading through and responding to an endless pile of emails most likely takes up a significant portion of your time. When you come into the office on a Monday morning, your inbox is full. You might even have that message telling you that your email may not work because you have no more room. Furthermore, don’t even think about taking a vacation.

If you dread your inbox, your cPanel features can help with that as well. For instance, you can use your cPanel to sort email. By identifying email addresses that need your immediate attention, you can make sure those are the first ones you see. Additionally, you can set your mail system to block spam and other email addresses that you don’t want to receive. That way those emails never even make it to your email account. Through taking advantage of your cPanel for email screening, you can save valuable time.

Analytics and Reports

The most valuable piece of your cPanel is the analytics and reporting features. These features are a great way to improve your business. With your cPanel, you can determine who is frequenting your website and what they are doing once they are on your site. Furthermore, you can identify where your visitors are coming from and what page they are leaving from. With this information, you can make real-time changes to your website and monitor the progress.


The last benefit of your cPanel to streamline your business is through marketing. You can improve your marketing based on your analytics and reports. Once you’ve identified where people are coming from to your website, you can enhance marketing in those locations. For example, if most of your website traffic is coming from Facebook ads, then you can enhance your Facebook ads to get more traffic. Not to mention, you can identify the demographics of your ideal clients.

Lastly, you can use analytics to re-target visitors who left without purchasing or upsell to those who previously purchased from you. Through re-targeting you can gain more customers and make additional sales. People who viewed or purchased from you in the past were obviously interested in your products. When they have another point of contact with you, that might be the contact they need to make a purchase.

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If you aren’t taking advantage of your cPanel features to streamline your business, you should. Your cPanel features can save you time. In addition, your cPanel features can help you grow your business.

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