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Start-ups Start Here: Business Hosting Solutions


Photo by Nick Morrison
Photo by Nick Morrison

So you’ve decided to start your own business. Congratulations! That is both amazing and terrifying. There are so many things that go into starting up. While you may have found your niche and know exactly everything you need to run your company, you also need business hosting online. A website is often a first impression for those that only learn about you through word of mouth, so you want everything to be accessible and perfect. At Fresh Roasting Hosting, we have your business hosting solutions, whatever your budget and your expected traffic from your start-up.

 The Tools to Succeed

You probably think everything is running smoothly with your start-up; and your business plans executed perfectly. The coffee maker may be running over time, but to get you online, you don’t have. At Fresh Roasted Hosted our business hosting solutions make it possible to pick which hosting packing you’d like. Talk to us about what you do, or want to do, so we can show you what we can do together.

Fast and Fresh

The accelerated web hosting that we offer, puts your website on a solid platform. That means it won’t go down, and it won’t slow down. We use LiteSpeed, which is faster than Apache and nginx. So when you want to use WordPress or other database-driven apps you’ll be speeding through the process. And our hosting servers protect your site against traffic surges, so users that want to get to you, get to you. We also include an SEO tool kit, which will make your website more searchable. The free 250 web apps also make it so you spend less time installing and more time doing what you do best, whatever that is.

Room to Grow

Right now you may not want to even take the chance of growing in the future, near or far. It may seem like a glimmer of hope at the moment. You may see your handful of employees as even too many. However, those employees aren’t too many at Fresh Roasted Hosting, and they deserve their own email address. They are in business for you, aren’t they? With our business hosting solutions, our hosting services make it so that you could get unlimited email addresses, databases, sub domains, and domains. As always, it’s McAfee Secure as well. Without the limits of other ‘unlimited’ web hosting services, you can stay more organized without realizing it.


With Fresh Roasted Hosting business hosting solutions, your start-up is bound to attract attention. Attention is always a good thing, because with a website that stays up 99.99% of the time, and searchable tools that drive business, you’ll want it online as much as possible. Fresh Roasted Hosting gives you the room to grow right now and in the future, no matter what tomorrow brings. If you want to put your best foot forward with a professional and no nonsense business hosting solution, click over to Fresh Roasted Hosting and examine your options today.

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