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How Small Businesses Can Attract More Customers in Lancaster

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As a small business owner in Lancaster, you may find getting new customers a struggle. It doesn’t have to be. If you’ve seen your daily customer base dwindling or sitting stagnant, then it is time to do more. There are several steps that small businesses can take to get more customers.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

The first step small businesses can take to attract more customers is to identify who frequents your business. Once you’ve identified your most frequent customer, analyze their demographics. Are they college students, young mothers, or business men in their 40’s? Get down to the smallest detail about your most frequent customer. You must know who is attracted to your small business in Lancaster.

Sales and Advertising

After you’ve identified your ideal customer, now you need to target and go after that demographic through marketing. If your target customer is a female college student, pass out sales flyers at their nearest college campuses. Another option is to encourage your current female college student customers to bring in their girlfriend. How can you get them to bring in their friends? You could offer discounts or free items for each new referral that they bring in to your business.


Another way to attract more customers to small businesses in Lancaster is through surveys. You need to ask your ideal customer what they find attractive about your business. Discover why they keep coming back. Moreover, ask your ideal customer what would make them more likely to come back in the future. With this information, you can identify marketing strategies that will attract new customers to your business.

Keep Current

To succeed as a small business in Lancaster, you must keep informed of the latest trends in your field. You can’t be the last boot store to stock over the knee stretch boots and expect to stay fresh and current. If you aren’t current, you will not keep your customers or attract new customers. Another aspect of keeping current is keeping an eye on the competition. You need to monitor the social media accounts of your competitors to determine what they are doing to attract new customers.

Be Mobile Friendly

The last step to attract new customers in Lancaster is to be mobile friendly. The digital age must be taken advantage of to stay competitive as a small business. Fewer people are booting up their desktop computers with smartphones and smartwatches at their fingertips. By making your site mobile-friendly and targeting new customers via email and advertising campaigns, you will see results.

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