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The SEO Benefits of Finding the Right Keywords for Central PA

Photo by Annie Spratt
Photo by Annie Spratt


Search Engine Optimization is a tricky beast. You have to align your content and your site so that you show up in searches for keywords, but if you try too hard, search engines will lower your score for being too close to spam. The trick to getting ahead doesn’t lie just in hammering away at your keywords. It’s in finding the right keywords for your target area. Finding the right keywords in central PA can help you rank faster, build local connections, and hyper focus on your keywords.

Build local connections

Most people want to do business in their area. Even if you can ship internationally or perform your services over the Internet, local sales are better. There has been a push in recent years away from globalization and towards keeping money in the community. While it’s definitely a mixed bag, with various advantages and disadvantage, local connections are some of the most powerful. Concentrating your business in your area also increases that best form of advertising, word of mouth. Search results are key and social media influence is growing, but neither has yet eclipsed the power of a personal recommendation.

Hyper target your niche

Part of effective marketing is knowing your target audience. When you’re trying to target keywords for your search engine optimization efforts, you can’t just consider what keywords apply to your product or service. You must consider how your target audience would think about, and search for, your services. When you focus your target demographic on somewhere close to you, the SEO benefits would be great. It’s easier to know how your target demographic thinks if you’re with them every day.

Rank higher for your keywords

When you focus on the right keywords for central PA, you cut your SEO tasks down to size. It can be very difficult to rank on Google for big, bold keywords. For example, if you’re starting a handmade teacup business, you’re going to be up against a lot of huge, established sites for “teacup” keyword ranking. It would be easier to get regional keywords, as there aren’t that many competitors in the handmade teacup business in central PA. You get more SEO benefits from fewer posts.

Finding the right keywords for central PA can get you better SEO benefits from the same amount of work. It makes it easier to rank with regional keywords. In addition to this, you hyper target your local niche. Best of all, you’re building local connections that can serve you down the line.


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