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Why Semi-Dedicated Servers Are the Next Step

Semi-dedicated servers are great for sites that need better processing time than offered by a shared server. Semi-dedicated servers will improve your site.
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When you hear the name “Fresh Roasted Hosting,” you may initially think of coffee. Think again! Fresh Roasted Hosting is a web hosting company. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality web hosting, just as a good coffee roaster provides high-quality coffee. When deciding on which type of host to go with, there are three options. These options are shared, semi-dedicated, and reseller servers. This article will go into further depth about semi-dedicated servers.

Who Needs a Semi-Dedicated Server?

The semi-dedicated server is perfect for the client who is not ready for the financial investment of a VPS. In addition, this client is ready to move into shared hosting. The semi-dedicated servers include similar features to shared hosting packages. These features include LiteSpeed, cPanel, and SSD MySQL storage. Traditional shared hosting has 100-150 customers per server. On the other hand, a semi-dedicated server is a shared server, but with only 15 customers. This improves the CPU power, disk I/O, and network throughput of the site. The overall raw performance of the site will improve with a semi-dedicated server. Fresh Roasted Hosting uses Supermicro servers. The servers are powered by Haswell Xeon. These processors are all at 3 GHz and above.


At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we offer different semi-dedicated server packages. The packages are called “decaffeinated,” “half caff,” “full strength,” and “double espresso.” The “decaffeinated” package is the most affordable at $12.49 per month. It has a disk space of 10 and a bandwidth of 500 GB. The CPU power is 2 cores and can handle 500 mail per hour and 100 processes. The most robust package is the “double espresso” at $34.49 per month. It has a disk space of 100 and an unmetered bandwidth. The package has 4 cores of CPU power. It can process 1,000 mails per hour and has 250 processes. The “half caff” and “full strength” package options fall in between the “decaffeinated” and “double espresso” options. All packages include SpamExperts, McAfee SECURE, Free SSL Cert, Free Domain, and Unlimited Domains.

Are you a growing business? Are you looking for your site to be faster? Do you want more control over your site? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time  to invest in a semi-dedicated server for your site. Semi-dedicated servers have overall better raw performance. Also, they are only shared between 15 customers.  For more information about getting your site set up with a semi-dedicated server, contact Fresh Roasted Hosting today.

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