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passwordBy now you’ve probably already read that Google is rewarding websites that use HTTPS.  At the moment, the boost is very small — affecting roughly 1% of global search results.  But Google has said that they may increase the weight given to the use of HTTPS in the future, and we couldn’t be happier.  This is a major win for consumers and privacy rights alike, and we want to make sure everyone has an easy, affordable way to encrypt their site traffic.

Starting today and running through August 31 2014, we’re dramatically discounting the price of our most popular SSL certificates from Comodo.  An SSL certificate allows you to enable HTTPS with your website, and enables the encryption of data between your website and your customers.  If you’re a Fresh Roasted Hosting customer, we’ll even configure and install your SSL certificate for you (and if you’re not, why not?).  We think security should be both accessible and affordable, and an SSL certificate is a great place to start!

Comodo Positive SSL:  As low as $5.00 / year!

The Comodo PositiveSSL is our most economical SSL certificate, and is perfect for blogs and other personal websites.  This price is almost 90% off the price if you were to buy it direct from Comodo!  Click here to order!

Comodo Essential SSL:  As low as $9.99 / year!

The Comodo Essential SSL is by far our most popular SSL certificate, thanks to outstanding browser compatibility and its very attractive price.  It’s perfect for public-facing sites who collect customer information.  Click here to order!

Comodo Instant SSL:  As low as $26.94 / year!

The Instant SSL provides a higher level of trust, and involves a basic verification of your organization.  Additional documentation is required, and the certificate will take 5-7 business days to issue.  Click here to order!

Comodo Essential Wildcard:  As low as $67.49 / year!

A “wildcard” certificate lets you protect multiple subdomains under a single certificate.  For example,,, and could all be covered with a single “wildcard” certificate, instead of purchasing one certificate for each subdomain!  Click here to order!

We’re not kidding, and that’s not a typo — that’s up to 89% off the price direct from Comodo.  We want to help make the web a more secure place, and we want to make sure everyone can afford to join in.  And again, if you’re already hosting with Fresh Roasted Hosting, we’ll configure and install your SSL certificate for free!  (And if you aren’t hosting with us, what’s stopping you?)

Be safe out there!

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