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Why You Need SEO Tools

Photo by Bram Naus
Photo by Bram Naus

 Today, most people learn about your business through an internet search. In order to have the largest audience, you need to make yourself searchable and easy to find. This means you need tools to help increase your search engine optimization, or SEO. Like most people, you probably know little about how these tools work, unless you studied or trained for it. Fortunately, you don’t need to know the exact science behind SEO tools and how they work. Today, most SEO tools are user friendly, and easily help boost your online marketing.

Benefits of Fresh Roasted SEO Tools

Of course, the internet is teeming with free online SEO tools. However, taking the time to research them all means using precious time. Fortunately, when you use Fresh Roasted Hosting for your website needs, we provide you with SEO tools to boost the visibility of your site. That way you no longer need to work harder than necessary, or spend your time searching to find what you want. Moreover, you also spend less time downloading apps to build your business and more time running it.

Trial Run to See the Benefits

Perhaps you’re not convinced you need SEO tools to market your business. Like many people, you try to do it all without technological help. Further, you even wonder about the benefits of pre-loaded SEO tools. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we offer a trial run. Take our SEO tools out for a spin, and see the many benefits they offer. Moreover, enjoy having them at your fingertips rather than thumbing through different websites for what you want.

Free Online SEO Tools

For those familiar with Google, you’ll see that it offers the SEO tool, Google Analytics. No matter what browser you use, you want insights into what brings people to your website. Google Analytics provides keyword insights and frequent search terms people use to get to your website. For the more visual person, Google Analytics provides you with informative graphs. This overarching tool gives you a feel for the benefits of SEO.

Another free online SEO tool offered by Google, is the Google Keyword Planner. If you think your focus is about finding better terms, this tool simply returns helpful statistics to guide your future keywords. They also have helpful graphs for this. Keyword Planner also offers suggested terms you may not have thought about.

Google Trends is another free online tool offered.  This SEO tool is a combination of visual graphs and keywords based on terms you use. It also highlights when someone searches for a specified term, and even forecasts future searches. This tool even provides correlation data to current events or holidays, and helps you plan your future content.

Final Thoughts

Don’t just read about these helpful SEO tools offered by Google, take them for a free test run. If you haven’t been using SEO tools before, you will want to now. Moreover, don’t waste valuable time searching for the right SEO tools, when you need to get things done. Simply put, because online marketing is all about terms and virtual traffic, you need a virtual pair of eyes to help guide you. That virtual pair of eyes is even more accessible if it comes preloaded with your new webhost. At Fresh Roasted Hosting the SEO tools are there, you only need to make use of them.


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