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How to Set Up Your Own Server for Web Hosting

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If you want to set up your own server for web hosting, there are a few essential things to know. Before you get started, you’ll need to read over all of the following must-dos. If these sound too difficult for you, Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC is ready to help.

Set Up Your Own Server for Web Hosting

Your own server is a good idea if you need a lot of storage. It is helpful if you have lots of photos, a research library, or gaming backup needs. If you are a videographer, photographer, or graphic designer, it can be a wise investment. If you simply want greater control over your files, a home server is a great option. Those who want top security can also benefit from a home server.

Home Server Hardware

Every home server needs a dedicated computer for storage only. It doesn’t need to be expensive, since you won’t be using it to run applications. But it does need to have adequate memory. The more up-to-date your computer is, the better it will perform. Whether you select a PC or Mac, you’ll need to perform regular updates and install firewall protection.

Your hard drive should have at least 60 GB of storage, with 25 GB dedicated as free space, and a minimum of 2 GB RAM. Make sure your dual-core processor has at least 2 GHz of speed. For secure backup and file transfers, you’ll need a DVD drive and at least one USB port. We recommend using a Linux system as your server framework.

Home Server Software

As soon as you have all the required hardware, you can focus on installing the right software. It’s important to use the correct software to set up your server. Choose Linux, MySQL, Apache, and PHP for maximum operational ability. With this software, you can store data, use server language between databases, and code in HTTP.

After installing this software, run tests to ensure that they work well together. The experts at Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC will recommend several tests to run. You can call us to double-check the requirements and learn whether you need additional software.

Assistance With Your Home Server Setup

For the average person, setting up a home server can be quite a challenge. Unless you have IT experience, it can be overwhelming. Our staff at Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC have years of experience setting up servers. We can walk you through the process or set up a home server in the Harrisburg area on your behalf. If you decide to use our web hosting, we have several affordable packages. Take a look at our packages at our custom options today.


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