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How to Get More Website Traffic

There are countless reasons for drawing more traffic to your website.  Maybe you want to make a little money from site advertising.  Maybe you want to draw in more customers for your products or services.  Or maybe you just like seeing your traffic count climb.  Truth is, with only one exception*, increased site traffic is always a good thing.  And no matter what your reason, our shared hosting services come with free, easy-to-use tools to help drive quality traffic from real people to your site.  It’s part of our bundled SEO Toolkit, and it’s one of the many reasons that make Fresh Roasted Hosting a better deal than some of those “discount” web hosts.

attracta-cpanel1Here’s the main interface for our SEO toolkit.  As you can see, everything is clearly labelled and easy to find.  Just log into cPanel, click on the icon you want, and boom — you’re on your way!  The entire process is almost entirely automated, and friendly, helpful text walks you through every step of the way!

The system will begin by asking you a few simple questions about your site.  Nothing technical — just things like your site’s name, what you do, and how you want to be listed.  The entire process is built so that novices can get up and running immediately, without hampering the ability of more experienced users to get results fast.

attracta-checklist3As you proceed, the app will display a simple checklist that keeps track of your progress.  It’s with you every step of the way, and everything is described in plain, simple English.  You’ll never be overloaded with technical jargon; each step is designed to be performed by someone with little or no website marketing experience.  And did I mention that this entire process is free?  Absolutely, positively, 100%, completely free.  You pay nothing.  In fact, that’s kind of the whole point:  If you’re already an SEO expert, or need more sophisticated services, you’ll have the chance to buy more advanced services at the end.  Simple, huh?

The app has a number of techniques that it uses to help boost your rankings.  The first and most important step is checking your website against the Google blacklist.  This is critically important, and unfortunately, something that blindsides a lot of less-experienced or less-technical website owners.  Sites get hacked, compromised, and infected with malware all the time, and if Google thinks you’re one of them, your search engine rankings will suffer badly.  If you’re on the dreaded blacklist, the app will give you some advice on what to do to have yourself removed.

The app also gives you the opportunity to list your site in several free directories by submitting some basic information such as your name, address, service area, hours of operation, and so on.  This helps build backlinks, which generally help improve your search rankings.

attracta-sitemapFinally, the app can also be used to build a sitemap of your site.  A sitemap is basically a roadmap for search engines.  Your sitemap will list each page on your site, along with some basic information about the content you host.  Manually generating a sitemap is possible, but not recommended.  As your site grows, a manually-generated sitemap will become difficult to manage.  Why not let us generate one for free?  Not only will the app crawl your site and automatically generate a sitemap for you, it will also automatically submit your new sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask — arguably four of the most important search engines today.  Best of all, because everything is entirely automated, all it takes to get started is a single click.

Did I mention that this is all free?

You won’t see traffic to your site surge overnight.  Generating and sustaining traffic requires a long-term investment in your site.  And while our SEO Toolkit isn’t going to replace a $250,000 investment with a professional SEO firm, it’s a fantastic tool to help get the word out about your site today.  And since it’s included at no charge with every one of our shared hosting packages, why not put it to use right now?

If your web host doesn’t include SEO tools that are this easy to use, ask them why not.  Better yet, switch to Fresh Roasted Hosting.  Use promo code COFFEE15 to save on web hosting.

* – The exception, of course, is if you’re on an overcrowded discount web host that can’t handle the traffic.  A huge spike in traffic can obliterate an already-struggling server.  But since you’re already a savvy Fresh Roasted Hosting Blog reader, you already knew that!

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