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Five Benefits of Small Business Hosting

Photo by Redd Angelo
Photo by Redd Angelo

Being a small business owner or manager, means wearing many hats. It means being in charge of the day-to-day operations such as inventory, customer service, and everything else that goes along with having your own business. Unfortunately, this leaves little to no time for managing your business server. This makes small business hosting the perfect solution for small business owners.

As a small business, your website speaks for your company. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Let’s discuss five key benefits of small business hosting that help make your company’s first impression a lasting one.

Effective Server Monitoring

You need constant monitoring of your servers, for your small business to succeed online. This monitoring makes your up-time a vital factor to helping your online business succeed. Of course, no one likes going to a specific website for something, only to find the website down. You keep your customers happy by keeping your website in top-notch shape. To do this though, you need professional server administrators and technicians. These professionals possess the skills and knowledge to ensure exceptional server up-time and network availability.

Robust Security

Most likely, securing your server while protecting your website and customer data, falls at the top of your priority list. Fortunately, by using a small business hosting provider, you are assured of stronger security. Along with a wide range of advanced tools, they provide experienced technicians specifically responsible for security. Additionally, by detecting and addressing vulnerabilities these technicians help to prevent attacks on your server.

Certainly, these are just some of the aspects associated with security provided by a small business hosting provider. Some other aspects, such as scanning for viruses, software firewall configuration, and security audits significantly increase your security. They also help filter spam, which helps to cut down on phishing emails. Lastly, keeping your Operating System (OS) updated keeps you protected from newly developed viruses and malware

Database Management

In addition to managing the operating system of your server, small business hosting providers also manage your database. For a small business website to function normally, it is very important to have a database administrator. These individuals work directly with you and have the knowledge necessary to support your database atmosphere.

Data Backups

Small business hosting providers help ensure that data is correctly and securely backed up. Moreover, they also ensue that it can be retrieved and used if necessary. Losing invaluable data can negatively effect your business in a big way. This means that maintaining regular, up-to-date backups of your data is essential.

Reduction of Operating Costs

A reputable, dependable small business hosting provider has the expertise and tools to handle any and all issues relevant to server management. Because they operate as database administrators, system administrators, and other server professionals, you avoid hiring additional help. This results in a reduction of your operating costs.

Why Choose Fresh Roasted Hosting

Whether your small business needs basic web hosting, co-location space, or anything in the middle, Fresh Roasted Hosting can provide it. We are a full-service business hosting provider with datacenters in Dallas, Texas and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our vast infrastructure gives us the capability to customize a solution that meets your small business hosting needs. Contact us at [email protected] to begin reaping all of the above-mentioned benefits and many more.

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