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Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

dedicated server
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How do you know if you need a dedicated server? A lot of businesses can thrive on other options such as shared or semi-dedicated hosting. However, some businesses need a bit extra. For those businesses, a dedicated server, which can provide exclusive service to single businesses, work wonderfully. Like a shot of espresso, the dedicated server option provides an extra boost. Whatever your server preferences, Fresh Roasted Hosting has the options that you need. Our options include dedicated server hosting, so if the list below describes you, talk to us about using a dedicated server today.

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Server

Do you use shared, semi-dedicated, or other type of hosting? Have you outgrown your current hosting space? A dedicated hosting option can alleviate that problem. If your business has grown from an SMB to a larger corporation, you may have noticed problems with online traffic congestion and slower speeds. For those who run a larger business, dedicated servers can provide the hosting space that they need to meet their customers’ needs.

You Have Extensive Security Needs

At Fresh Roasted Hosting, each of our server options come with powerful security measures. Still, if you want to take that security up a notch, a dedicated server is the way to go. If you deal with a lot of sensitive information like bank numbers or medical records, a dedicated server can help you keep your clients and their information safe. The fact that you don’t share the server with anybody else means that you get added protection in addition to our regular security measures.

You Want Speed and Flexibility

If you want extra speed and flexibility, you can’t do better than dedicated servers. If you transmit a lot of data and need the bandwidth to accommodate it, your dedicated server will help. Like we mentioned, other servers require you to share the space. A fully dedicated server, on the other hand, means that you get all of the bandwidth and memory to yourself. You even get your own IP address. As a result, you also get more freedom to customize because your changes won’t impact other users.

Looking for a dedicated server? Fresh Roasted Hosting has got you covered. Our server options give you plenty of room for customization, and you’ll experience speed and reliability like never before. If you’re looking for top-level performance, check out our options today.

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