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Why People Use Dedicated Servers With Multiple IPs

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Dedicated server hosting platforms can provide clients with multiple IPs. Some people need dedicated servers with multiple IPs. This includes clients with multiple email lists and those who send out a high volume of time-sensitive emails. It is also perfect for someone who has multiple sites that require unique SSL certificates. Read on for more information about situations where people use dedicated servers with multiple IPs.

Multiple Email Lists

Many companies who send out email blasts have multiple email lists. For example, a company that owns running stores may have an email list for their store customers, one for people who sign up for their races, and another one for people in their training programs. Having multiple IP addresses for the different lists keeps the reputation of the email blasts. Without having a good reputation, messages will be automatically sent to the spam folder.

High Volume of Time-Sensitive Emails

In addition, another reason you might need multiple IPs is if you send out a lot of emails in a short time. If you are sending millions of emails and need them delivered within the next few hours, this will not be possible without multiple IPs.

SSL Certifications

SSL certificates allow a secure connection between a website and the user’s browser. These digital certificates will encrypt information to allow the connection to be safe. Because of this, it is especially important if your website has an e-commerce component, because it is necessary to protect the credit card information of your clients. If you are planning on having multiple sites that have unique SSL certificates, you will need multiple IPs. For example, if your water sports business has one website dedicated to rentals and another website for e-commerce, you will want multiple IP addresses and separate SSL certificates.

Do I Need Multiple IPs?

Not everyone needs multiple IPs. In fact, there will eventually be a shortage of IP addresses on the internet, so only use them if absolutely needed. Not sure if you need multiple IPs? If not, read the information above and decide if multiple IPs are right for you.

Dedicated Server Hosting With Fresh Roasted Hosting

Dedicated server hosting platforms at Fresh Roasted Hosting can include multiple IPs if necessary. For more information and guidance as to whether you need multiple IPs for your business, contact Fresh Roasted Hosting today.

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