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Why Choose Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Typically, the way that you start up a website is that you buy a domain name. Then, you find someone to host your website, and you get to work creating and posting it. There are three different types of hosting platforms that you can choose from, a semi-dedicated hosting server, a dedicated hosting server, and a shared hosting server. If you are starting up an ecommerce site, the type that you decide to use will have an impact on how your website performs, so choose wisely.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is one where your site is the only one on the server. Whereas a semi-dedicated server means that there are just a few sites that are being hosted on one single server. A shared hosting server has many different sites all on the same server. So each site is only allocated a specific amount of bandwidth and space. There are advantages to having either a semi or a dedicated hosting server, depending on your budget and your goals.

Why Choose a Semi-Dedicated Hosting Server

A semi-dedicated versus a shared server allows you all the bandwidth and space that you need. And you don’t have to share it with all the other sites.  So if you have heavy website traffic, you don’t need to worry about being limited by what is available on a shared server. Although you don’t get all the space and bandwidth, a semi-dedicated site still allows you more space.

You Get Enhanced Security

When you are on a shared server, if any of the other sites should have a security breach of malware, then it will affect your website too. Because there are only a few sites on a semi-dedicated hosting server, the risk of your website being breached is less. Therefore, a semi-dedicated server might not be as secure as a dedicated one. But it is way more than a traditional server.

The Costs of a Semi-Dedicated Site

Although the cost of a semi-dedicated server is more than traditional hosting, it is still less than a dedicated site. Since you are still sharing the costs with a few other sites, it is highly affordable. And you can enhance security and get the additional space and bandwidth that you can’t with a traditional server. But it is not as costly as a dedicated site.

If you are an ecommerce site that expects to have high traffic, and you want additional security and a responsive website, then choosing a semi-dedicated server is the way to go. For more information about semi-dedicated server hosting, contact us at Fresh Roasting Hosting today!

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