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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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Responsive web design adjusts a website and its content to the size of a user’s screen. The primary goal of responsive web design is to create a more positive user experience. This allows content to automatically resize so users do not have to do it manually. Along with automatic resizing, having a responsive web design has other benefits for both developers and users. This includes things like mobile use and development, improved page quality, and website SEO.

Mobile Use and Development

Over half of all website traffic is now from mobile devices. Having a mobile responsive website adjusts content and images automatically without users resizing them on their phone. This saves time and creates a more positive mobile experience. Additionally, having a responsive web design makes it easier for developers to create a mobile responsive website. Originally, companies had to have two different websites for desktop and mobile responsiveness. Now, by creating one mobile responsive website, you only have to worry about making changes to one site and you save money on maintenance costs.

Improved Page Quality

Responsive web design has shown to improve page analytics. This includes faster loading webpages, lower bounce rates, and improved conversion rates. Users tend to abandon webpages that take longer than three seconds to load. A responsive web design will load more quickly improving both your loading times and bounce rates. The improved navigation of a responsive web design also improves your site’s conversion rates.

Website SEO

Having a responsive web design is becoming increasingly important in terms of search engine optimization. A website that loads quickly and has a low bounce rate is just as important as the content it features. Additionally, having one mobile responsive website eliminates the issue of having two sites with duplicate content. Two websites with duplicate content can negatively impact your search result rankings.

The number of mobile devices and users continues to grow. With more users turning to their mobile device rather than their desktop, it is important to have a website that matches this trend. Along with attracting more users, having a responsive web design has additional benefits. Responsive websites load faster than non-responsive sites. They are also easier to use and navigate making users less frustrated and more likely to visit them. Don’t get stuck in the past with a non-responsive website or two websites. A responsive web design provides the best experience for users, developers, and businesses. Contact Fresh Roasted Hosting to learn more.

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