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Benefits of Budget Dedicated Server in A Recession

budget dedicated server

Most companies would love to have a maximum-performance, dedicated server but often it is too expensive, especially during a recession. Fresh Roasted Hosting offers dedicated server hosting at an affordable price while maintaining a high-quality server. Read on for more information about dedicated servers that will work within a budget.

Great Price

Fresh Roasted Hosting provides its customers with dedicated servers at an affordable price. The first level dedicated server is only $39 per month! Some people spend that much on coffee each week!

High Quality

Just because the dedicated server prices are reasonable does not mean that quality is sacrificed. Fresh Roasted Hosting sells in less margin and deals with volume so customers get the same high-quality server that might be more expensive elsewhere. This quality can be seen with the Intel Atom D510 server that is only $39 per month. For this reasonable price, you get 2 x 1.66 GHz of CPU, 4 GB DDR2 of memory, and a 64 GB SSD + 500 GB HD hard drive. All these benefits for an affordable price! This dedicated server can definitely fit into your budget.

Many Options

In addition to the dedicated server being a great price and high quality, Fresh Roasted Hosting provides customers with many dedicated server options. There are 25 budget dedicated server options to pick from. This helps customers find a server that is customized to their needs. The lowest-priced server starts at $39 per month. The highest-priced server is $1,509 per month and offers 48 x 2.10 GHz CPU and 1024 GB DDR4 of memory. Fresh Roasted Hosting also offers everything in between. Consider what is most important to your business. The CPU? The memory? The hard drive? Review all the options available and pick what works best with your business.

Check Out Fresh Roasted Hosting For Budget Dedicated Servers

In addition to the great prices, quality, and variety of options of budget dedicated servers, these servers can also be customized. Your unique needs can be met under the premium dedicated server hosting platform. Get a high-quality server for your website that costs a fraction of the price of many other dedicated server platforms. Also, rest assured that all of your server needs will be handled. Each dedicated server comes with free IPMI access to help manage the server. Fresh Roasted Hosting is also here to help if there are any hardware or network issues. For more information about budget dedicated server hosting, contact Fresh Roasted Hosting today.

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