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How to Benefit from Central PA Tourism

Photo by Jerome Prax on Unsplash

Pennsylvania businesses don’t need to solely focus on Pennsylvania state citizens for all their product sales. It is nice to cater to in-state residents and build up a solid reputation. However, by concentrating entirely on Pennsylvania residents, you are limiting your potential to expand your reach. Your business should also be benefiting from Central PA Tourism

Every year, hundreds of millions of people visit Pennsylvania, with a large number of those people passing through Central PA. These visitors come from all over the United States during the fall, as it is the peak season for tourism in the state of Pennsylvania. If there is only a part of the year that you can focus on expanding your reach, chose fall. Take advantage of the Central PA tourists, who are coming in to explore the rich, vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Connect with the throng of tourists by hooking up with the right resources.

Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

A great place to begin to take advantage of Central PA tourism is the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. By joining the Central PA Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, you get the benefit of being promoted to different visitors. In addition to tourists, other visitors include convention and special event planners, sporting attendees, and new residents. Additionally, members get their businesses listed for free in the Central PA Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Visitor’s Guide. There are 150,000 copies of the guide printed and distributed on an annual basis. Consequently, that’s 150,000 potential new customers and for free.

Moreover, you can design and produce brochures to make available to tourists at the Central PA State Visitor Center. You can also request the addition of these pamphlets to other tourist locations throughout the state. As a bonus for members, you can also receive a free listing on the state website for visitors, Visit Penn State with the capabilities of linking back to your business website. People who are planning a visit to the state of Pennsylvania will likely check out this or a similar site when planning their itinerary.

Central PA Chamber of Commerce

Another source to benefit from Central PA Tourism is the Central PA Chamber of Commerce. Involvement with the Central PA Chamber of Commerce increases your brand recognition. It also boosts business publicity and potentially creates new customers. The Central PA Chamber of Commerce provides numerous opportunities for businesses to participate in events. These events support the Chamber and in turn increasing your public perception. Through the Central PA Chamber of Commerce, you can expand your reach to tourists as people deem businesses involved with a Chamber of Commerce as being more reliable when seeking places to visit before they travel.

Central PA Tourists

As tourists come from all over the United States, exploring the great state of Pennsylvania, you want to seek out opportunities to get your products in front of them. Set up booths and participate in local events, festivals, and county fairs. Likewise, check out the Little League World Series and don’t forget Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions on Groundhog’s Day. Find creative and clever ways to capitalize on the events that are going on in Central PA.

Connecting with Central PA tourists provides many benefits. As mentioned in the beginning, the fall season is prime time to take advantage of the crowds of people coming to see the beautiful foliage. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we can help you with website needs and SEO critical during this time. Contact us today.

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