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Are Google Adwords Updates Affecting Your Business?

google Adwords updates
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Google likes to change things up all the time. At least once a year, Google releases major changes that make searching and advertising easier. Google’s algorithm, of course, changes all the time. This past spring and summer, Google made some of its biggest changes yet. The Google Adwords updates have the potential to really impact your business. In the long run, these changes should help you propel your business forward. Still, you may notice a learning curve at first, especially if you’ve worked with Google Adwords for a long time.

Context Over Keywords

Your keywords will stay important for your organic SEO efforts. However, keywords have become less important in the new Google Adwords updates. This is good news for those of you who haven’t quite nailed down your keyword research yet. Of course, those of you who finally found the right keywords may be a bit frustrated by this change. This new update from Google emphasizes context instead of the words themselves. Google will gather demographic information from previous online behavior to show people the most relevant ads. If you sell maternity clothes, for example, your ads might start showing up for women who have searched for prenatal vitamins recently. Your keywords still matter, but this way, they’ll reach a more relevant audience, and you may gain more potential clients with less effort.

Start With Your Goals

The new Google Adwords updates allow you to help determine relevance, too. You’ll start by determining your own goals. Do you want people to subscribe to your mailing list? Click on a certain link? Ask for more information? Google will give you the option to tailor your ads based on those goals. Your audience may shift and change based on these goals, and you may reach a different-sized audience than the one that you used to reach. The Google Sheets add-on will let you test and analyze your advertising data, making adjustments as you learn what does and doesn’t work.

The New Learning Curve

These changes can become frustrating, however, if you only recently got used to Google Adwords before the changes began. The new system has similarities to the old one, but you’ll definitely have to take some time to get used to the new arrangement. Have some patience with yourself as you learn the new system. Overall, these changes should benefit your business.

How to Work With Google Adwords Updates

When working with the Google Adwords updates, keep in mind that most of the old “rules” still apply. The overall quality and content of your website count above all else. You can’t have good SEO without speed and reliability. That’s where Fresh Roasted Hosting comes in. Check out our business hosting solutions to see how you can make the most of these new Adwords changes.

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