Better Network, Better Hosting

10 GbEA good network is the lifeblood of any web host.  No matter how fast and reliable your server might be, it’s totally useless without a fast, reliable, carrier-neutral network.  Unfortunately, a lot of discount web hosts either use a single-carrier network or a blend of multiple cut-rate carriers.  A single carrier is a single point of failure, and multiple cut-rate carriers … well, that’s just multiple points of failure.

From the ground up, our network infrastructure is carefully engineered to keep your sites online and performing at their best.  That’s because we use a blend of carefully-selected tier 1 and tier 2 carriers to provide optimum routing and redundancy.  And we pipe everything through enterprise-class hardware from Cisco, HP, and Juniper.  That means you’ve got fast, reliable network connectivity to everywhere on the planet.  No matter where in the world your visitors are located, your site will load fast the first time, every time.

Rackmount networking equipmentOur tier III Harrisburg datacenter uses a blend of connectivity from multiple tier 1 (Verizon & Level(3)) and tier 2 (Comast & Frontier Communications) carriers.  The facility has three fiber links to 401 N Broad, a major carrier hotel in Philadelphia.  For maximum redundancy, the fiber links follow diverse paths off the premises; this helps protect against accidental damage or vandalism.  Harrisburg’s network infrastructure consists entirely of enterprise-class Juniper and HP equipment.

Our tier III Dallas datacenter features blended connectivity from multiple tier 1 carriers including Zayo, CenturyLink, TeliaSonera, and Cogent, along with tier 2 connectivity from Internap.  Six pairs of fiber (two stands each) feed into redundant border and core routers, with redundant links to each switch.  Dallas’s network infrastructure consists of Cisco routers and switches with an Internap flow controller.

Your website says everything about you.  It’s your one chance to make a first impression. So whether your services are hosted in our Dallas Texas datacenter or our Harrisburg Pennsylvania datacenter, you know that you’re hosted on a rich blend of premium network providers.  Because your website is too important to trust to just anyone.