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The Upcoming Summer of Awesomeness

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2013 is turning out to be a truly amazing year for Fresh Roasted Hosting.  Thanks to our awesome and fiercely loyal customers (seriously, we love you guys!), the past 18 months have seen absolutely explosive growth.  So that we can keep up with this growth without sacrificing the performance and stability our existing customers have come to know and love, we’re making some big-time expansions behind the scenes.  Here’s the scoop:

New Control Panels

You asked for more choices.  We love choices.  Perfect!  One of the most common comments we hear from our customers is that they want a simple control panel that doesn’t cut out any important features.  That’s why we’ll be introducing Interworx on select products later this year.  Interworx is fast, secure, and easy to use.  Best of all, it doesn’t skimp on the features.  If you could build a machine that continuously grew coffee, roasted the beans, ground them up just so, and watered them into a never-ending stream of freshly-brewed coffee, it would be called Interworx.

More VPS Options

We can’t keep these things in stock.  Apparently, customers really enjoy having stable VPSes that happen to deliver awesome performance at a sensible price.  Who knew?

Some hosts cram a ton of users into their VPS servers.  The industry calls this “overselling”.  You know how sometimes you show up for a flight only to find that the airline already sold you seat?  Yeah, that’s overselling.  And our Xen VPSes are never oversold.  And that’s not what we do.  When you buy a 2 GB VPS with 100 GB of disk space, that’s exactly what you get.

The flip side to this means that when a server gets to about 75% capacity, we stop taking new orders.  That’s great for you, because it keeps your VPS speedy and gives you room to expand as your needs grow.  So to help alleviate this bottleneck, we’re awaiting delivery of a boatload of shiny new Ivy Bridge servers.  Once they’re installed, tested, and fully burned-in, we’ll open them up to the general public.  Not only that, but we’ll be offering VPSes in OpenVZ and KVM varieties as well as our trusty Xen platform.

A New Billing System

We hear you.  Our current billing system is not great.  It works, but it’s not anything you’d ever brag about, and it can sometimes be less than user friendly.  We’re currently testing out a new billing / support system, and so far it is amazing.  It’s fast, it’s easy to use, it’s secure, and it’s written from the ground up to be modular and stable.  Best of all, we’ll be putting this new billing system on its own standalone server in its own datacenter.  That way, in the unlikely event that our website or datacenter ever goes down (as if), you’ll still be able to reach our support area.

More Payment Options

Your feedback is loud and clear.  Just like me when I haven’t had my third cup of afternoon coffee, our credit card processing system can be a little difficult to work with at times.  We’ll continue to accept PayPal, of course, but we’ll also be adding Google Wallet as well as an entirely new credit card processing system.  Combined with our new billing system, life is about to get a whole lot easier.

New Web Hosting Options

Towards the end of this year, we’ll be offering new shared hosting packages out of a brand new server in Scranton.  I can’t leak out all the secrets just yet, but we’re going with an accelerated hosting platform.  No standard-issue out-of-the-box one-size-fits-all Apache here!  Which leads me to my final point:

Better Webmail

Need I say more?  Nope.

Reseller Accounts

You asked for it, and we’re bringing it:  Everything you need to start your own web hosting business using our white-label services.  From bundled billing systems to deep discounts on SSL certificates and domain names, you’ll be able to host your own customers in your own name.  Whether you’ve always dreamed of running your own hosting company or you’re looking for a stable, high-performance place to host your design customers, we’ll have you covered.

Of course, these upgrades aren’t worth the cup your drive-through coffee came in if they negatively impact our existing customer base.  The vast majority of our customer base won’t see any impact at all.  The very few of you who might be impacted will be informed well in advance and kept up-to-date at every step of the way.  And no matter which camp you fall under, we’ll do everything in our power to keep you and your site up and running with zero interruption.

Because after all, it’s our existing customers that brought us here.

Stay tuned, and happy cupping!

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