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The Difference Between Semi-Dedicated Servers and Shared Servers

Trying to budget dedicated servers can be expensive! Check our a shared server and semi dedicated server packages for your website.
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When starting a website for your business, the first thing to consider is what type of server you will need. It can be overwhelming to learn about all the different types of servers. Your first thought may be to go with a dedicated server where you are the only customer on the server. This improves website speed, but it comes at a cost. When trying to budget dedicated servers, it may be too much money. Fortunately, semi-dedicated servers and shared servers are also good options. Read on for more information about these servers.

Shared Server

A shared server is the most budget-friendly option. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, you can get on a shared server for as little as $2.49 to $7.49 per month, depending on the space needed. The disk space ranges from 3GB to 100 GB and comes with varying ranges of CPU power. For an added price, you can get a dedicated IP and SpamExperts. If you pay for the Premium Roast package, these things are free! All the shared servers have McAfee SECURE, SSH access, site migration, SSD MYSQL, CloudFlare CDN, and a cPanel. The number of domains, subdomains, databases, and email addresses are all unlimited! By using a Fresh Roasted Hosting shared server, you will receive hosting that is up to 533% faster than Apache and 67% faster than nginx.

Semi-Dedicated Server

The semi-dedicated server is for clients who want to move beyond a shared hosting platform but are not ready to pay for a VPS. The semi-dedicated server comes with all the features of a shared server, but it has 1/10th of the customer base (a maximum of 15 customers per server). This will make your website faster and allow more resources to be available. Depending on the package selected, the price runs between $12.49 and $34.49 per month. The disc space is between 10 GB and 100 GB, and the bandwidth can be unmetered in the two upper range plans. All semi-dedicated server packages have SpamExperts, McAffee SECURE, Free SSL Cert, free domain, unlimited databases, and unlimited domains.

When figuring out a budget, dedicated servers can seem very expensive. Before spending an arm and a leg to attempt to make your website the best it can be, look into other types of servers. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, we offer shared servers and semi-dedicated servers that provide many features and benefits to users at affordable costs. For more information about these servers, contact Fresh Roasted Hosting today.

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