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Save Money and Space Using Colocation Services

Photo by Jimi Filipovski
Photo by Jimi Filipovski

Owning your own servers is the best way to exercise control over your website. You’re free to customize your servers to whatever your needs are. It’s cheaper in the long term to own your own servers rather than to rent someone else’s. If you have the IT knowledge to manage your servers, you can take care of most work remotely. What’s not cheaper in the long term is to build your own storage space to house your servers. That’s where colocation services can spring up and take this burden off your hands.

Save space

Servers aren’t small. Running them out of your home office will almost certainly not be practical. Even if you have a large office building, space is still at a premium. Keeping your servers in your own office means you’re going to be giving up a lot of prime real estate to equipment that cannot easily be moved. That might be fine for a small company just starting out, but in time you’re going to need all the space you can get. Fortunately, colocation services exist, that take them off your hands.

Don’t settle on one carrier

When you use colocation services, you have more options for carriers. At Fresh Roasted Hosting, you can take advantage of our carrier-neutral networks. You benefit from spreading the load over multiple top-tier carriers, instead of relying on just one carrier.  This results in an extremely wide range of carriers that reach almost the whole world. Moreover, spreading the load also means that if one carrier goes down, your network will be less affected as others step up to carry the load.

Secure location

The second reason most businesses don’t want to house their servers in their main offices is security. Your servers house your web presence and more. Anyone who tampers with that can do a lot of damage to your business. When you use colocation services, you’re buying their security. Their facility is monitored and only accessed by the access servers. This prevents someone from slipping in, and either accidentally or on purpose, damaging your servers.

Additionally, Fresh Roasted Hosting’s Harrisburg location is great for commuting. At just two hours from Washington, D.C., and ninety minutes from New York City, it’s relatively close to major civic centers. The area is not in any region-specific extreme weather zone. It’s not directly next to any major roads or airports. This remote location makes for a short drive, easily accessible if your hardware needs updating.

Redundant heating and cooling

Part of what makes housing servers yourself so expensive is their needs. The servers must be kept cool. However, they should never be allowed to get too cold. Keeping your servers at the perfect temperature requires constant temperature adjustment. Colocation services take these systems off your hands. They keep redundant systems, protecting your servers even in the event of a system failure.

Colocation services save you money on constructing and maintaining your own server center. Your servers can be safe in secure locations with redundant backup systems. You can save space in your office and in your budget by using colocation services like those offered by Fresh Roasted Hosting.


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