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Protect Sensitive Information with an SSL Certificate

Photo by Jason Blackeye
Photo by Jason Blackeye

Setting up a proper website for your business comes with a lot of unexpected headaches. First, you have to pick out the server setup you want. Then there’s designing the site–fun, but stressful. SSL certificates can slip through the cracks. They’re not as exciting as the web design, and less fundamental to the setup of your site than the server. If you want to run a successful site, however, SSL certificates are a must.

What is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a level of connection that allows your website and your customer’s browser to send encrypted information. Since these systems interact, each connection is secure. SSL certificates are the programs that are used. While most browsers use a certificate these days, your website has to have one enabled in order for anything to happen.

Do you need one on every site

It’s easy to see why some websites need SSL certificates. If you’re buying or selling anything, encryption is key. If the connection is not secure, it would be simple for third-party “eavesdropping” to obtain sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and so forth. Encryption is key in these cases.

In other cases, it can be less clear cut whether or not you need an SSL certificate. If you don’t intend to ask for sensitive information, it can be tempting to skip it. Getting a good SSL certificate is an investment. Like many aspects of business, you have to spend money to make money, but every penny is precious.

However, getting an SSL certificate is never a waste of cash. Even if you don’t currently ask for sensitive information, SSL certificates protect against all manner of third party snooping. Using one shows that your site is a site in good standing, run by a reputable company. You don’t want to pinch pennies at the cost of your reputation. SSL certificates are standard for reputable sites. Providing one provides your visitors with peace of mind. It can also help protect your site from becoming an unofficial host to data thieves.

Why choose Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL Certificates are an efficient, fairly low-cost SSL Certificate. You can find them here, ready and waiting for you to select their plan. Comodo offers quick verification for businesses who need to get up and running sooner rather than later. Even the Essential version is compatible with most browsers, including mobile versions. Since more and more people are using smartphones and tablets as their primary source of web-browsing, this feature could not be more important.

Using an SSL certificate protects your information and your reputation. Many browsers think twice about visiting a site that isn’t secured. Failing to use SSL can lead to the theft and harvesting of your customer’s private information. Whether you’re processing a credit card payment or trying to offer reliable advice, an SSL is never a waste of money. Protect your reputation and your customers with an SSL certificate that fits your needs.


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