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New Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backup Service


Here at Fresh Roasted Hosting, we’re very committed to the safety and security of our web hosting clients. Last month, we announced a strategic partnership with McAfee that allows us to offer McAfee SECURE to our web hosting clients completely free. If you haven’t read our blog post on this previously, feel free to do so here.

Today, we are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with R1Soft to offer Continuous Data Protection to our web hosting clients at no additional cost! What does this mean? We are now able to offer an enterprise-grade backup solution to our valued customers!

The industry standard for web hosting providers has traditionally been to take daily backups of each web hosting account. These backups would then be transferred to an external server where three backups are retained for each account for disaster recovery purposes – a daily, weekly, and monthly backup. In the even that there was an issue and a client would need their account to be restored from a backup, the user would need to reach out to support and request that the entire account be restored from one of the available three backups (not just an individual file).R1Soft

With this new strategic partnership, we can now both create and store backups in a much more efficient manner. The R1Soft technology automatically creates a snapshot of every user’s account. The backup includes both databases and files stored in the user’s directory. The software then encrypts, compresses and stores the files on a separate backup server. As a result of this process, we are now able to create hourly backups of each client account and store them for much longer periods of time. In addition to this, Fresh Roasted Hosting customers now have the ability to access their backups directly from within their cPanel control panel and select specific files from specific times that they’d like to restore! This offers our clients much more flexibility and assurance in knowing that their data is safe!

Try our new backup solution today! Take 40% off for life on any new web hosting package with promo code summer2015!

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