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only $14

July 4 Savings!

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We’re kicking off our Fourth of July weekend a few days early — and that means you can save some coin while upgrading to one of our Xen-powered Virtual Private Servers (VPS)!

Like our web hosting, our VPSes are built for speed.  Because we use the Xen hypervisor, your VPS’s critical resources (namely, your memory and disk space) are guaranteed.  We reserve a “footprint” for each VPS on one of our enterprise-class VPS nodes, so your resources are reserved exclusively for you.  We also use 3.2GHz Sandy Bridge or better Xeon CPUs (unlike some of our competitors, who use 2 GHz processors from ten years ago).  In plain English, that means better stability and better performance for whatever you’re hosting.

Now Through July 7 2014,
save 20% on any VPS
with promo code JULY4

Check out all our VPS packages here!  And have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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