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The Most Important cPanel Features

Fresh Roasted Hosting
Fresh Roasted Hosting

Before we discuss the essential features of a cPanel, we need to ensure that you understand its concept. If you are hosting your website on a server, you will have a cPanel. Most importantly, this control panel is responsible for file management, account security, email control, and many other functions.

There are numerous aspects of a cPanel. The cPanel is not complicated, and you should be able to learn more functions as you use the system. However, the first several months there are some features that you need to understand to use your website to your advantage. What are the benefits of a cPanel?

Email Service

One of the most important features of a cPanel is the ability to set up an email system for your website. If needed, you can have more than one email account. In addition to the basic aspects of an email account, you can set up autoresponders, email forwarding, set up spam filters to keep your email account clean from useless emails, and use email lists to send out broadcasts. Security

Security Applications

Another feature of a cPanel that can help your business is the included security. The security of a cPanel allows you to password protect your account. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to set up your website so that it can deny a specific IP address. It even allows you to restrict access.

Apps to Fill Your Need

Additional applications are another benefit to a cPanel. For example, you can add any number of third-party software programs to your website and enhance your site for the benefit of your users. You can add bulletin boards, calendars, a guest book, eCommerce shopping, or choose from any number of other available options.

Abundance of Apps

The last feature that is most important in your cPanel is an analytics system. With systems like Webalizer or AWStats, you can monitor your audience. Some of the aspects that can collect and analyze include visitors, unique visitors, visit duration, most viewed pages, exit locations, and countless other data points that you can monitor, collect, and analyze.

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