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Hurricane Sandy: We’re Still Brewing Strong


Sandy has come and gone, and aside from some high winds and rain later today, the worst is behind us.  I’m proud to announce that all of our services and servers were 100% operational all night long.  The Scranton datacenter lost voice phone service due to a Verizon outage, but all servers are still online.  As we said on Facebook, our motto for the next 24 hours is “0% packet loss”.

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, be aware that there are a large number of major datacenters and carrier facilities offline in NY and NJ.  NYC was hit especially hard due to the unprecedented flooding, which apparently disabled a lot of basement- and ground-level generators, AC panels, fuel pumps, and networking equipment.  Some of the major facilities offline overnight include:

  • Voxel / Internap:  75 Broad St and 111 8th Ave
  • Cogent:  33 Whitehall St
  • nLayer, Cogent, Verizon, Sidera, and AT&T:  882 Third Ave
  • Steadfast:  121 Varick

We’ve spent the morning and a good part of last night checking in with some friends at other hosting companies, and so far the damage seems comparatively minor.  Servers, racks, generators, switches — these can all be easily replaced.  Human life can not.

Here at our headquarters in downtown Harrisburg, all is well.  Although we lost our live HD webcam due to Livestream’s inability to handle a little spike in traffic, we’re happy to report that this was our only damage.  We’ve cancelled our Meet & Greet scheduled for today so everyone can spend time cleaning up and taking a deep breath after the storm — look for a reschedule date in the near future.

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