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Fresh Roasted Honeymoon: Portland

In case you missed the announcement, FRH Dave & FRH Lisa recently tied the knot, making Fresh Roasted Hosting one of the few web hosts run by a husband-and-wife team! Since the honeymoon — a cross-country trip by rail — starts in Portland Oregon, our first honeymoon promotion is — naturally — inspired by Portland.


Portland is known for many creative things. From fantastic microbreweries to world-famous coffee roasters to legendary donuts, the city is overflowing with character. Take our hotel, for example: The Jupiter Hotel. Once a seedy 1960s motel, the Jupiter has been remodeled into a hip getaway in a thriving, off-the-beaten-path part of the city. Sure, it doesn’t have all the five-star trimmings of a typical five-star international chain hotel. But you can’t beat the service: upon discovering that we were on our honeymoon, they sent over a bucket of their finest bubbly — Rogue, of course — on ice.

THAT’S never happened at a Hyatt.

They didn’t have to renovate that run-down motel. It probably would have been easier to tear down and drop a prefabricated cookie-cutter chain in its place. But Portland thrives on efficient utilization of their existing resources, and as a result, they now have a unique hip hotel with unbeatable service and above-market pricing. The neighborhood gets a facelift, waste is averted, the hotel gets upscale guests, and guests get upscale service. Everybody wins!

It’s that same spirit that drives everything we do at Fresh Roasted Hosting. Our customers get awesome support, we get awesome customers, and everybody wins. We don’t have the multi-million-dollar ad campaigns of our larger competitors, but our support and reliability speak for themselves. So when we wanted to do a promotion that combines “efficiency”, “awesome”, and “boutique”, we could only come up with one thing:

For three days only, order any VPS $19.99 or higher
and receive a 30% discount for life
a free control panel (DirectAdmin)
free VPS hardening & optimization

We’ve gone on and on about how great Interworx and cPanel are, but we don’t give much love to DirectAdmin. It’s a charismatic control panel (you can tell your friends you used DirectAdmin before it was mainstream) that also happens to be rock-solid and easy to use. And this is your chance to get it for free! Combined with the efficiency and flexibility that virtualization brings, and our awesome 24×7 support, our VPSes are a fitting Portland parallel.

To claim this deal, just place your order and use promo code PORTLAND at checkout. But act fast — this offer expires 9/26/14. That’s when we make our next stop — Chicago!

This offer may not be combined with any other offer, promotion, discount, or custom package. Offer expires September 26 2014.

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