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Harrisburg’s Social Media Turns 60!

Harrisburg really doesn’t get enough credit these days.  As if having a thriving local music scene, a vibrant nightlife & entertainment district, and more coffee roasters per capita than most cities our size weren’t enough, we’ve also got a disproportionately active local social media scene going on.  And this coming Wednesday (May 16, 2012), we’re going to hit a pretty significant milestone.

For the past five years, a steadily-growing number of locals has gotten together at the local brewpub once a month to meet up, catch up, and put a face to the online profile.  We engage in some loud conversation, enjoy a few brews, and feast on ABC’s menu*.  Some people have networked their way into new jobs, new relationships, and even new web hosting companies (cough)!  Others come along just to have a good time.  And more than a few new residents have used the Harrisburg Tweetup as a means to meet new people and put down some local roots.

It doesn’t end at the Tweetups.  Since we’re always in touch online, we regularly organize group outings to everything from sporting events to hikes along the abandoned turnpike.  You’ll also run into some of us at just about every civic event in the city.  All in all, we’re everywhere.  And we want you to come join us!

This month marks our 60th Harrisburg Tweetup.  To celebrate this five-year occasion, we’re hoping to break our attendance record with 140 “characters” in attendance!  Whether you’re new to the area, looking for some new friends, or just looking to network, come out and join the festivities!  The Tweetup is open to all — you don’t have to be an online celebrity or know any secret handshake.  Just drop by, grab a brew, and say “hi!”.

The Tweetup happens on the third Wednesday of every month from 7pm until around 10pm.  Most people come and go throughout the night, but there’s a devoted handful of us that stick around all night.  We meet in the Abbey Bar, upstairs at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.  Just look for the crowd of people that looks more like a large friendly group and less like a funeral, and you’ve found us.  If you really don’t know who we are, just ask one of the bartenders where the Tweetup is.  They will know exactly what you’re talking about and will point you in the right direction.

For more details, just follow the hashtags #hbgtweetup or #5yearup on Twitter.  You can also RSVP (not required, but helpful) on Facebook right here.  Hope to see you there!

More than a meet and greet and more than just networking, the Harrisburg Tweetup is a casual gathering of a few dozen locals from all walks of life.  It’s a chance to actually meet the people you interact with daily on Facebook and Twitter, enjoy some decent brews, and make some new friends.

* We don’t literally eat the menu.  Come on now.

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