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Harrisburg Social Media – Come Meet Us!

You already know that Harrisburg has a disproportionately high number of coffee roasters and great coffee houses for a city its size.  And, of course, you already know that we have our own kick-ass web hosting company, right here in downtown.  But did you know that the Harrisburg social media crowd has been networking and socializing as a group for well over five years now?

The Harrisburg Tweetup (Harrisburg social media)at nightSince 2006-ish, a large group of us have been gathering regularly at Appalachian Brewing Company for networking, brews, music, and good old fashioned rabble rousing.  We typically start around 7 and don’t stop until we’re good and done.  More informal get-together than rigidly-structured meeting, we cover everything from craft brews to social media implementation strategies.  More than anything, the Harrisburg Tweetup is an opportunity to put a face to a name; to reach out and casually network with the people behind the Twitter account.  And if you don’t have a Twitter account, well … we’ll still let you in anyway.

We get together on the third Wednesday of every month at the Abbey Bar, on the second floor of ABC.  During good weather, we’re usually out on the deck.  Don’t be shy; the bartenders know who we are and will be all too happy to point us out for you.  We’re a pretty friendly bunch, so even if you’ve never been out before, the Harrisburg Tweetup is a fantastic opportunity to kick off your local networking.  In fact, over the years, more than a few relationships (professional AND personal) have grown from the Tweetups.  And of course, we always offer Harrisburg Social Media discounts for attendees — just track one of us down!

There’s no formal RSVP, so keep an eye out for the hash tag #hbgtweetup on Twitter.  See you Wednesday!

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