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GoDaddy Outage

If your website is hosted on GoDaddy, odds are you already know about their major outage today.  And if not, well … you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you check your site’s uptime report for the day.  As much fun as it is to pick on GoDaddy, the truth of the matter is that no web host — no matter how big or how talented their staff — can truly deliver 100% uptime.  Whether the outage is caused by a coordinated attack, a clumsy employee, or a botched software upgrade, occasional downtime is inevitable no matter who you go with.

Fortunately, there’s a better choice.

We’re a local, independently-owned, enterprise-class web hosting company.  Our numbers are small, but our servers are mighty.  Our headquarters overlooks the Susquehanna River in downtown Harrisburg, and our servers crank out your website from two state-of-the-art datacenters in Scranton and Los Angeles.  Our support staff is always here.  Every second of every day, we’re online.  Whether you need us at 3am or 3pm, we’ll be here.

We can’t promise that you’ll never experience downtime.  In fact, any host who does is simply after your hard-earned money.  There is no such thing as 100% uptime, no matter what that shiny advertisement says.

What I can promise is that we fight day and night to prevent downtime.  And when it strikes, we break out the ten-gallon French press and brew up some double-strength joe.  We do everything in power to keep our network clean, our servers underutilized, and our help desk wide open.

I can also promise one thing that GoDaddy can’t:   When you spend your money at Fresh Roasted Hosting, most of your hosting bill goes back into the Central PA economy.  Whether it’s picking up our weekly coffee stash from Little Amps or Cafe Di Luna, buying lunch at Broad Street Market, or enjoying some craft brews at Shady McGrady’s, nearly all of our profit is spent on local businesses.  Your $5.99 monthly bill isn’t just going to Fresh Roasted Hosting; it’s also going to local businesses and merchants, many of whom in turn further invest in the local economy.

Choose independent.  Go local.  Pick a web host that values your business.  Host with Fresh Roasted Hosting.

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