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Four Keys to Creating a Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design Photo by FreePhotos
Photo by FreePhotos @Pixabay

A mobile-friendly web design is vital to online business success today. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, you are missing out on potential customers. As of 2014, it was determined that people were looking for content from their smartphones more than from a desktop computer. Obviously, as time has gone on, the percentage of users on smartphones has continued to increase. You must keep your site mobile friendly to reach where people are searching from. How can you enhance your site’s mobile friendliness?

Use Responsive Design

The first key to mobile-friendly web design is through responsible design. With responsive design, website developers can create a site that is easily viewable by any type of device. By using responsive design in the development of your website, your site will be able to recognize the type of device your site visitor is using. Responsive design will, in turn, display your information proportionately to their device. How is this feat accomplished? Your website developer will use flexible layouts, flexible, images, and drop-down menus to make it easy for searchers to find what they are looking for on your site.

Add a Viewport Meta Tag

To continue with the concept of mobile-friendly web design, you must add a viewpoint meta tag to determine what device a visitor is using. The viewpoint meta tag is a critical component of your coding. Without it, your site will not transition well to a mobile device. This tag is how your website knows how to proportion your site to the user’s device.

Font and Button Size

You want to pick a font that is easy and clear to read on a mobile device. In addition, you want to make sure your font is set to at least 14px so that mobile site visitors do not have to zoom in to read your content. Because they won’t. If your visitors can’t read your site from their mobile device, they will leave. Regarding buttons, make them loud and proud. You will want your buttons in bright colors and large. You don’t want the user to have fat fingers and pick the wrong button.

Images Must Be High-Resolution

The last key to mobile-friendly web design is having quality high-resolution images. Many mobile devices have high-quality screens that display images in high definition. When you use an image that is of lower quality, it will be blurry or pixelated on the mobile device. Your images must be high-resolution to provide your site visitors with a pleasant experience. if not, they will determine your site is amateurish and unprofessional; which equals lost sales.

Creating a mobile website is only part of the online marketing campaign. If your potential clients find your site difficult to navigate, they will never convert to regular online shoppers. You need a mobile-friendly web design that focuses on the view from a handheld device like a smartphone. Images need to look crisp and clean with a high-resolution. You also want to make it easy to use with readable font and easy to select buttons; size is everything. Similarly, using a responsive design means flexible layouts, images, and drop-down menus for mobile users. The most important piece of a mobile-friendly web design is the viewport meta tag. Without it, proportions will be skewed for different devices, making your site less attractive to online users.

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