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Order Up: New Dedicated Servers

Hot on the heels of the smashing success of our Barista Series Xen VPSes, I’m thrilled to announce the immediate availability of our new fleet of Barista Series dedicated servers in Dallas, Texas!

One-unit server rack in Dallas TX

Like our Barista Series VPSes, our new dedicated servers are decidedly high-end.  LSI RAID controllers, Xeon processors, ECC memory, and available SSD & SAS drives:  everything about our new dedicated servers screams enterprise-class dependability.  And thanks to some creative engineering, we’re able to offer some additional perks — like a free back-end network, free IPMI, and bandwidth pooling — with every server for a limited time!

Even our new datacenter is unmistakably top-of-the-line.  Databank is an SAS-70 Type II audited facility in downtown Dallas, Texas.  12 concrete-encased power feeds, N+2 transformers, 10 diesel generators (total: 19 MW), and 12 UPSes (total: 11,600 KVA) help ensure utility power is always rock steady.  The facility’s true N+1 HVAC capacity — featuring 118 Liebert CRAC units and an 80,000-gallon reserve water tank — keep your server cool and dry.  And the facility’s biometric access controls combine with 360-degree digital video surveillance  and 24-hour on-site security to provide the highest level of physical security.

In a nutshell, we cut straight to the top.  And to help kick things off, we’re offering the following bonus perks on every Barista Series server ordered before January 31 2013, worth a combined total of $45 / month:

  • FREE IPMI on every server — that’s a $10 / month value!
  • FREE 5 GB NAS backup on every server — another $10 / month value!
  • FREE back-end network, allowing you to connect multiple on-site servers on a non-public port — $10 / month!
  • FREE unmetered incoming bandwidth — normally $15 / month!

Finally, every Barista Series dedicated server can be customized to your exact needs using our easy-to-use server configurator.  Unlike some of our much larger competitors, we don’t charge an arm and a leg for custom features.  In fact, we’ve even gone to great lengths to ensure that every Barista Series server is a powerhouse right out of the box:

  • Minimum 8 GB ECC memory on every server (12 GB on Westmere and Nehalem Xeons)
  • Minimum 500 GB 7200 RPM drive on every server
  • Minimum 5 TB premium bandwidth on every server
  • Minimum full-speed 100-megabit port on every server

Whether you’re building a dependable infrastructure for your small- to medium-sized business, need a rock-solid server to show off your client sites, or just need a high-performance Linux workstation in an unmistakably top-shelf datacenter, our Barista Series dedicated servers are quite literally impossible to beat.  And if you want to stay hosted in Pennsylvania, or would prefer a more value-oriented server, take a look at our PA Dedicated Server line.

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