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BurstNET Refugee Sale


If you’re currently hosted at BurstNET, it’s probably time to think moving.

According to a post on their support desk, BurstNET has notified their customers that they’re shutting down all of their non-colo services in just a few weeks, if not sooner.  This is not entirely surprising as it follows their sudden and unexpected closure of their still-new flagship datacenter, at least one lawsuit, and multiple reports of alleged service delays or slow responses. If you’re a BurstNET customer and you’re not on a co-location service, it’s time to find another provider.

Changing web hosts can be scary, so that’s why we’re offering discounts and free migration assistance to affected BurstNET customers.  If you’re on a BurstNET shared or reseller account, we’ll help you migrate to our LiteSpeed-powered SSD-accelerated web hosting packages.  If you’re on a BurstNET VPS, you’ll notice an immediate difference with our modern, high-performance, Xen-powered VPSes.  And if you were on one of BurstNET’s outdated dedicated servers, our modern Supermicro servers in our tier 3 Dallas datacenter will be a welcome — and affordable — upgrade!

BurstNET customers can save up to
20% on shared hosting & reseller accounts
20% on Xen VPSes
5% on dedicated servers
Custom discounts on co-location

Simply purchase the service you want and use promo code BN-20 for shared / reseller / VPS packages, or BN-5 for dedicated servers.  Once you’re on board, open a technical support ticket and let our team know you need migration assistance.  We’ll take it from there!  If you’re looking for a quote on co-location, let us know what you need.  We’ve got space available in our tier 3 datacenter in Harrisburg PA, and we’re about 4-6 weeks out from having space in our tier 3 datacenter in Phoenix AZ.

No matter who you go with, it’s imperative that you immediate take backups of your important files (and that’s always good advice no matter what).  Once BurstNET shuts down your service, you may not be able to get anything back.

We’re sad to see our colleagues over at Burst go through this.  But as is so often the case, this is what can happen when you don’t charge sustainable prices.  This is the outcome of the hosting industry’s race to the bottom, with competitors always trying to out-cheap each other.  We wish all their employees and customers the best of luck.  It’s truly the end of an era, and a dramatic fall from their position just one year ago.

These discounts expire July 31 2014 and may not be combined with any other offer, discount, promotion, or custom quote.

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